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White/ Off White Sideboard 94 Items

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White/ Off White Sideboard


Improve the style statement of your living and bedroom


Some furniture in the household does not come in the bare essential category but is surely very useful in a home. These furniture additions not only add to aesthetics of the home but are highly functional as well. One such is the sideboard, which does not only provide ample storage space but can be customized to provide other benefits and styling options. After all, no amount of storage can be called too much, and with a white wooden sideboard, you can store items that you need regularly. Here is a guide to finding the best white sideboards for your home.

The modern white sideboard comes with some utilities that you are not going to get in a chest of drawers or a wardrobe.

Apart from drawers and doors, you can also check out options where you get shelves to keep your clothes clean or any other item. The white sideboard cabinet looks well with any colour of the wardrobe and wide bed. You can also keep it in the hallway or living room to add some extra storage. This article carries some styling tips that you can use to decorate your home around the sideboard.


What are different kinds of sideboards available online?


There is not one kind when it comes to sideboards. Certain options are made with Italian design, and they look beautiful. There are both closed and partially open sideboards available in the market. The closed ones can be used to store items of your household. The partly opened ones can be used as a showcase for your glass items and showpieces. There are some other options as well where you get shelves along with the door and drawers. The shelves can be used to keep regular wear, accessories, and more.

While on different options, Camel Roma Day White Glamour Italian Vitrine Buffet Sideboard with Glass Door is a very good option. The cabinet is made of MDF and Wood particles and comes flat packed. There are four doors and three shelves with beautiful handle as a design.

You can also check out Nevis White Sideboard with Black Metal Legs with three drawers and one shelf. This white sideboard with drawers has a unique style and looks contemporary. The white colour looks excellent, and the contrast with black metal legs looks fantastic.

Styling Ideas with White Sideboard

A small white sideboard can be used in many ways in the living and the bedroom. Here are some styling ideas that can come handy.

  • The sideboard can be your semi decorative cabinet for the living room. The sideboards with glass cover in the centre can be an excellent furniture to showcase your precious and beautiful belongings.
  • You can accompany the white sideboard gloss with a big mirror on top. This can always be decorative for your living room or serve the purpose of dressing table in your bedroom. With a big mirror in the living room and a storage below, it creates an illusion of a bigger room.
  • There are certain white sideboards with selves. The shelves made with rattan are removable and can be used to store small items, accessories and letters and books. Just put it in the bedroom and get one big mirror for the room. The style will have a modern yet simplistic touch to it.
  • You can use the table top of the white sideboard to put lamps and other decorative items. It will save space for the lamp and your room will look as beautiful as you would like it to.
  • If you are not in need of a mirror, you can use the wall space above the sideboard to put your photographs. Frame it in a way that it creates a symphony with the design of the cabinet. A small plant and a stylish and short light set will do the needful to complete the decor and put light on the pictures.


Handling tips for white wooden sideboards


In most cases, the sideboard that you are going to purchase will be made of wood. Other materials like metal, MDF, glass, and rattan can also be used in different parts of the furniture. While cleaning the sideboard, it is important to understand which material you are cleaning and thus follow the instructions accordingly.

  • The sideboard is not made for kitchen use. You cannot put it close to the heat. You would also want to keep it away from a very humid place.
  • Use a cleaner for the table that is approved for the material. Don’t use an alcohol based cleaner or just water with cleaning powder.
  • If there is a glass surface on the sideboard, make sure not to hit it with something heavy.
  • Don’t try to drag and move the item on the floor if it is full.
  • Don’t put anything hot on the sideboard. The surface may get damaged by excess heat. Put a runner cloth on the top before using anything hot.
  • Make sure to dry wipe the white surface every now and then. This will help you remove the dust from the furniture, and it would stay new for an extended period of time.
  • Keep at least 2 inches of a gap from the wall. If your wall has seepage or is damaged in any other way, it can affect your sideboard.

If you have decided to have a sideboard, you can indeed purchase it online. The current market is such that the best pieces are available online. The best part is that you don’t need to visit a crowded store. You can just check the catalogue and select the one that is best fitted. There is a vast collection available at Choice Furniture Superstore as well. You can always call the customer care of the online store and clear any doubt you may have. The furniture will be delivered to your doorstep in the right condition, at the earliest.