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Marble Coffee Tables 159 Items

Include a touch of extravagance and complexity to your living room or family room with a marble topped coffee table. With alternatives from ranges including Midas Marble and Black High Gloss Coffee Table, Exclusive Sophia, Exclusive Quest Marble and Exclusive Chic Walnut and Marble Coffee Table and that\'s just the beginning, you can include a round, square, rectangular, or oval coffee table with the look of marble at the best costs accessible. We have an extensive variety of traditional and contemporary marble coffee tables that will organize splendidly with your couch and carpets in your living room.
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Marble Coffee Tables

Graceful, bespoke stylish and elite, coffee tables have evolved a long way from a dull ordinary table. A stylish coffee table is now considered essence of a well-designed living space. A perfect coffee table blends practicality with style and at Choice of furniture we take pride in our extensive collection of coffee tables, not only versatile in function but as a style statement as well. Mirrored, oak, metal, vintage, our options are just endless. But, owning a coffee table with marble top is like stealing the queen. Marble top coffee tables, which became popular circa 1870s,are back in vogue with a bam! And at Choice Furniture, we have the “choicest” collection of coffee tables with marble top with impeccable designs that will make you fall in love with them!

The history of coffee tables is quite an interesting one. Coffee houses started blooming in every corner of the city in the 17th and 18th century England. But drinking coffee was considered a manly thing to do back then. Women generally indulged in softer beverages like tea.

Hence, tea tables were a thing in the English households. It wasn’t until the 1870’s that coffee tables found their rightful spot in the living space and the first tables to be designed and named “coffee tables” were in the late Victorian England. Since then coffee tables have evolved so much in terms of design and utility. Today, marble coffee tables UK are a raging style statement when it comes to interior decor. And at Choice Furniture, our expert craftsmanship ensures that any coffee table you choose resonates with your modern home.

Multitasking is a necessity today and a smart home is what everyone desires. Hence in order to let you achieve maximum out of your furniture, our marble top coffee tables are designed to allow you to do multiple tasks at the same time. Compact, stylish and modern is the way to describe our coffee tables. For example, take a look at our Urban Deco Venice cream marble coffee table. A perfect width of 60 cm, height 45 cm and length 110 cm makes it ideal to sip a cup of coffee while working on your important office assignment. Dark and light brown marble with detailed veining gives it a polished look. It is said that the length of a coffee table should ideally be two thirds of the length of your sofa or less than that. And all our marble effect coffee tables are made keeping in mind this very principle. If you are looking for some fresh contemporary designs to fill your home, then we have the perfect piece for you. Take a look at our Hudson Living Cleo marble round coffee table.

This marble effect coffee table has our heart because of its smooth finishing and modern look. The metal legs in brushed bronze oozes grandeur and luxury. A perfect match for your modern, contemporary and even boho home decor, similar variants are available in square and rectanglemarble top.

If quirky elements are your weaknesses, then our Westminster white marble round coffee table with black base will surely catch your eye. Alluring white marble with classic metal circular base has won millions of hearts already. With a diameter of 100 cms and height 40 cms, it is perfect for a medium spaced living room. You can also opt for this coffee table if you own a small apartment and want your marble table to be the highlight of your living room.

To add a touch of the 80’s to your living room, you can purchase our Radnor coffee table with white marble table top and gold metal legs. Effortless elegance and flawless finish makes this marble coffee table UK so popular among the elite class. To achieve a vintage Indian look, you can opt for our Stone international Chicago marble table. Broad marble top makes for a spacious arrangement for your coffee/tea/drinks sharing ample space with your child’s craft work.

Materials used

All our marble coffee tables UK are made using high quality engineered marble. The veining and pattern of each marble coffee table is unique. We have marble top tables in round, square, oval and rectangular shape. We also have asymmetric marble effect tables to satisfy the modern decoholic in you. In addition to that we have such coffee tables with legs finished in high grade metal and solid wood. Metal used is stainless silver in mirrored silver and brushed bronze finish.

Styling tips

You can style your marble effect coffee tables in several interesting ways. The best way to do it is by placing apretty vase with some fresh flowers in it. Also try placing some of your favorite magazines and some brass figurines on top of them in a corner and a fragrance diffuser on the other corner to create a more aesthetic look and feel.

If you want to opt for a more modern approach, then try placing a runner in geometric pattern or any other pattern of your choice on top of your marble table. Further top it up with some fresh greens to keep it minimal. On special occasions such as Christmas, you can make your marble top tea and coffee table the center of attraction by plopping a small faux Christmas tree on it. Or better still, you can use it to serve your guests food and drinks!

Handling instructions

The marble coffee table you have been long dreaming of is finally a part of your living room and you are beyond happy. But, here is a catch! Do you know how you can keep the marble clean and sparkly all year through? Fret not because we have the best tips for you to take care of your marble furniture.

  • Marble is a more porous material as compared to other stones and hence are prone to standing and etching easily. If that happens, gently wipe off the surface with a clean damp cloth to prevent the stains from seeping in and making permanent marks on the surface.
  • Always use coasters while placing your cup of coffee or any liquid for that matter. This will prevent staining the surface and will also protect it from heat damage.
  • Always use a solution of warm soapy water to clean your marble table.
  • For those difficult-to-remove stains, you can try this magic solution: Make a solution using 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. This helps remove right stains and wine marks easily.
  • Take care not to hit the marble surface with any hard material as this might cause cracks on the marble top or even break it.

While keeping indoor plants on your marble top, take care to clean the underneath of the pot regularly to prevent staining from water. Better still, place the pot on a ceramic plate to prevent the water from flowing out and spooling the marble.

At Choice Furniture, we have endless coffee tables with marble top to select from and our marble top coffee tables are designed to suit your urban home. All you need to do is pick your designand we deliver your marble coffee table UK to your doorstep.