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Cookie Policy



Cookies are small text files that are stored on the browser or device when you visit any web page or application. Cookies help to make the user experience browsing our site as smooth as possible. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize a user's device. Persistent Cookies remain on your device or system when you go offline, while sessions get deleted when you close your browser.


Choice Furniture Superstore uses cookies and similar technologies to collect data from your device. All companies need to collect this data for the website to work properly. Cookies help us distinguish you from other users on our website. The cookie helps us to improve our website performance and to give you smooth access to a shop.

However, you receive a cookie use notice every time you visit our website.


I product Ids Cookies: This cookie helps us track products viewed by visitors. And it helps you to have a smooth browsing experience. This cookie shows you a related product for your search and preference. All information collected by this cookie will be anonymous and it won’t track your browsing history on other websites.

I Cart Product Ids Cookies: This cookie helps us track products added to the cart by you. It will help you at check-out and it will show you more options for the product of your choice. All information collected by this cookie will be anonymous and it won’t track your browsing history on other websites.

Analytics Cookie: This cookie helps our website to monitor our performance and for our website to know how many visitors have visited our website and how they have used it. This cookie highlights any improvements needed in our website to make. It ensures you have a consistently great experience with us. All information gained from this cookie is kept anonymous and it won't track any of your browsing histories at other websites.

Performance Cookie: This cookies work for performance to know how you use a website and which pages of the website you have visit the most. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous. These cookies are only used to improve how the website works and don’t collect the information that identifies a visitor.

Third-Party Cookie: These cookies are used to deliver ads more relevant to visitors as per their interests. These cookies remember your web browsing activity and may use to understand the demographics such as age and gender. It helps to measure the effectiveness of advertisement campaigns and understands the people's behaviors after they view an advertisement. The purpose of our online advertising is to help you find the relevant products that you were viewing on our website.

Essential Cookies: Some cookies are essential to browse the website and help use its features such as accessing a secure area of the website. Without essential cookies, you won't be able to use any functions on this website.

All about Functionality: These cookies allow the website to remember the choices you made on the website. All Information collected by these cookies is kept anonymous and it can’t track your browsing history at other websites.

Criteo Cookie: Criteo is a retargeting tool that helps in serving ads relevant to the pages which you visit. To find out more about Criteo, do visit their website.

Google Double Click: Google Double Click is an advertiser cookie, which helps us track the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. It enables Google to show our adverts on other websites based on your interests and browsing history.

Awin Cookie: This cookie sets a browser-specific ID to identify new clicks from the same browser to ensure no user activity is double-counted.

Facebook Cookie: This is a performance improver cookie. It's an advertiser cookie that helps us place the advertising content on Facebook as per your interests and information.

Affiliate Window: Choice Furniture Superstore adverts on 3rd party websites and affiliates. These cookies allow us and our affiliates to see which advertisements you click on and interact with them. This helps us identify which of our advertisements are most effective and which are not relevant to interests and needs.


There are two main types of cookies essential and customized. Cookies allow you to browse our site as smoothly as possible. It helps you to navigate our website, log in, add products to baskets, show you recent products, popular products, products you visited, display the right page as per your choice, verify your details, allow us to process the payment of your order.


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