How to Install Sliding Wardrobe In Your Home

Sliding doors provide you a quick function of your wardrobe. It also saves huge space as  compared to a hinged door. You can install your flat packed wardrobes in a simpler & hassle-free way. Once you have the fitting kit, doors at home, Installation won’t take much time. In a few hours, you can fit your Rauch sliding door wardrobe & other sliding door wardrobes.

Tools Required for Installing Sliding door wardrobes:

1.    Electric Drill

2.    Hacksaw

3.    Screwdriver

4.    Electric Jigsaw

5.    Set Square

6.    Measuring tape & others

Some important tips to be considered:

1. Select Right Screws:

The biggest mistake people made while installing the wardrobes is using the wrong screws. It may damage their product or problem arises in completing the wardrobe installation.

2. Check screws & Nails:

Don’t take tension, if all screws and nails supplied are not coming into use. Sometimes, extra screws and nails come with flat-packed wardrobes. It may come in use or sometimes it won’t. Set of screws and nails supplied to you may be a generic pack that uses for several items. You only need to analyze screws and nails you required for installing your wardrobe.

3. Mat for the Assembly:

Open the box and use the packaging  as a mat for your assembly.  It will protect your furniture from scratches and flooring.

4. Electric Screwdrivers:

  If you’re using the electric screwdrivers, only use it with a pozidriv style screw.

5. Don’t allow small children to enter the room:

Electric tools & sliding door wardrobe may harm the children. So, don’t allow children to enter the room where you are assembling the wardrobe.

6. Handle Tools carefully:

You are required to handle the tools carefully to prevent accidents. If you are using any electric tools or power tools at that time safety is very important.

You have to follow a few instructions before starting assembly:

1.    You need to arrange wardrobe doors before starting the assembly.

2.    Some small components and tools will be used at the time of assembly. These tools & loose items should be kept away from the children.

3.    You have to use cloth on the working surface to protect the high finished of the tracks.

4.    Always do drilling work after checking there were no pipes or cables.

Check the position of the doors:

You are required to check the position of the doors before assembly. The position of the doors in an appropriate way to prevent overlapping. The positioning of the doors should be perfect to prevent problem during opening and closing the doors.

Sizing the sliding door tracks:

You are advised to measure the length of the tracks, you need for the top and the bottom of the door &  mark these measurements to your track.

Cut  Tracks to meet the Size

You need to mark up the tracks after measurement then, cut the tracks  to meet the desired size. You can cut the track using an angle grinder.

Install tracks for the doors:

Firstly, you need to check the floor level before laying tracks on the floor.  You are required to make the pilot hole on the surface. Then, screw the tracks and take the help of someone for holding the track at the time screwing from the top.

Installing the sliding door tracks of the wardrobe:

All doors are required to fit the standard opening height. You can reduce the higher ceiling using spacer blocks. All important components used in assembling the sliding door wardrobe will come with the flat-packed wardrobe.

Installing the wardrobe doors:

Firstly, Located the back doors, then, angle the door and insert the top of the door into the top track. Then, lower door into the bottom track. Now place the second door and then check the doors. Finally, check the wardrobe by closing and opening.

How long should it take?

Installing Rauch sliding wardrobes is totally depends on your skills and expertise. Usually, it takes a few hours in installing sliding door wardrobe. If you’re following all necessary tips, then you can complete the task in a short period time.

In the bottom line, We will advise you to read the instructions carefully before installing sliding wardrobes.  You can easily install your wardrobe by reading instructions step by step.

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