Searching for the best mattress for spinal disorder or back pain can be a real daunting task. Back pain usually can be of multiple types and of various magnitudes, but one thing that every doctor confirms is that back pain can ruin the scope of getting enough comfortable sleep which is absolutely necessary for living a healthy life. While considering the best mattress for back pain people, it is important to consider various factors like comfort, firmness and its support, especially for orthopaedic conditions.

Purchasing a mattress is a matter of investment and in some way it is related to the betterment of health conditions too. In such a scenario, it is always wise enough to speak to doctors or experts to gain knowledge about different types of mattresses available and what is right kind of variety for people with back pain. However, here are some good advice that can help in conducting a smart investment and fetching the right bed.


Common Myths Regarding Mattress on Back Pain
Orthopaedic pain can be of different types and of varied nature. While some pain can occur in the lower back region called sciatica or in the upper back, neck and shoulders. The common myth was to sleep on firm mattresses to get relief from these kinds of bed. But today there are experiments and researches that proof that a semi-firm bed is ideal for sciatica patients. For upper back or neck problem also one can choose the semi-firm mattresses but in cases it is the posture of sleep or muscle tensions that causes the discomfort or pain. Using a proper pillow is also important to get proper comfort and a good amount of sleep.

Back Support or Full Comfort
According to studies, a medium firmness with a perfect balance of support and pressure is ideal for the back pain patients. The most important factor in a mattress is the pressure points which should be focused on, in any case but with back pain it becomes more crucial. As per the research, both too firm and too soft beds are harmful to back pain people, and one should fetch a proper balance to get absolute comfort.

Select the Best Mattress
According to experts in this field, a mattress should be changed after every 8 years of usage but if there is back pain, then the same should be changed after every 5 years. New beds provide less discomfort than old ones. While purchasing a new bed, it is important to check if any arching in the spine is felt while sleeping on the back. The shoulders and hip should sink slightly, but there shouldn’t be any pressure on them.  While purchasing, it can be beneficial to speak with the sales consultant and brief him on the sleeping habits and style of mattress used to get expert guidance to choose the best mattress.

It must be noted that there is no specific type of mattress that cures back pain, but one should keep the basics in mind to fetch the most comfortable bed for the next 5 years.

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