Every sliding closet or wardrobe comes with a gear and tracks that make things easier for homemakers. It is not necessary that you always need the help of a carpenter or a professional to fix a wardrobe. With a little bit of effort, you can install these things yourself and save bucks that otherwise have to be spent on carpentry. Just ensure that you use adequate protective gear like gloves and eyewear to avoid inflicting injuries on yourself in the process of fixing the wardrobe. Here is what you need to do to get your wardrobe installation process completed in a jiffy.

Sliding Wardrobe Installation

Preparing space for the installation
The first step is to identify the place where you will be installing the sliding wardrobe. It is a must that you mark the place with chalk or a marker to facilitate cutting the excess wood and for hammering nails in the right places. Remove the old tracks and doors and put them away unless you are going to use spare parts in the new wardrobe.

Clearing debris and securing the tracks
Remove all dust and debris that have collected when the old wardrobe was removed. Make sure there is no debris left over in the corners or tracks which could possibly disturb the precision when the new wardrobe is fixed.

Installing the floor liner
A floor liner helps in keeping the rugs and carpet in place. It ensures that the rugs do not keep moving, causing obstruction for the roller tracks.

Installing doors
The doors can be installed only if you measure space they will take beforehand. Taking prior measurements will help you purchase the right shape of wardrobe doors that will fit perfectly. The doors usually come with fixtures that fit into the track doors. All you have to do is to place them in the right direction and fix the corners so that the doors do not come out or fall in any case.

Installing the stop-track
Your wardrobe rollers are not going to stop unless you install a stop-track near the corners. The position of the stock track will vary depending on the size and thickness of the door.

Sliding Wardrobe Installation

Fitting the rear door
Sliding Wardrobe doors are designed to overlap each other. Make sure you fit the rear door first before fitting the front door. The rear door will have to be fitted slightly behind the front door at a specific angle that will ensure a smooth transition and hassle-free opening and closing of the doors. Make sure that the rollers are properly aligned to provide for the free movement of the front and rear doors. The front door should be fitted only after the rear door.

Adjusting the rollers
Give a final touch of perfection to your wardrobe by tightening the rollers and screws. Make sure there are no loose screws that can cause the tracks or rollers to gut out with regular use. If you are using a branded wardrobe, there could be specific instructions that you have to follow to keep the rollers in place.

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