For most of the house owners and business persons, buying new furniture is a big decision. If you’re spending thousands of £’s on furniture shopping, it’s important to know each and everything related to furniture. Today’s furniture buyers are very smart, they gather all information and knowledge related to furniture that they are planning to buy. Even, after knowing many things, still they are not sure about making the perfect furniture purchase. Talk to your salesperson in a friendly way, even they can help you in finding the right furniture after knowing your requirements. Also, they can answer all your questions related to furniture quality, pricing, materials used in manufacturing, delivery time, delivery charges, etc. You’re advised to ask a few questions you’ve in mind related to that particular furniture, you’re planning to buy. Furniture Salesperson can guide you in a better way and can clear all your doubts, so you’ll get complete value for money furniture items.

6 Questions to Ask Your Furniture Salesperson

Asking these questions to your salesperson should create a super successful shopping experience:

Can I Get Better Price?

When you visit any online furniture store’s website or Furniture Store, most likely you will see price tags on every item.  While buying furniture online or offline, it’s important for you to ask your salesperson that how much discount they will offer you on purchasing of that particular product. Price and discounts also vary from product to product, Salesperson will give you complete information about pricing and discounts. Every store has their own policies and criteria for lowering prices, simply ask them, How much I can Save on this furniture? If you’re still not getting the right deal and not in a hurry to buy, you can always ask if there are any upcoming sales when you might be able to buy your desired products at lowest or discounted prices.

No doubt, if you’re buying multiple items at once, you can always ask if you could get a discounted price for your furniture.  Most of the furniture stores offer the lowest prices on purchases of more than 2 items.

What kinds of materials are used in the manufacturing of the items?

Yeah, you should ask your salesperson, what kinds of materials are used in the manufacturing of the items. For Instance, if you’re buying a bed, ask for the Type Of Wood used. Whether it’s Oak, Pine or MDF materials, asking before about material is a good idea. You may also ask your salesperson about furniture manufacturing, where it was made? Who manufactured it? All these questions are important to know if you’re concerned about the quality of the furniture.

What Guarantees I am Getting?

Ask your furniture salesperson about guarantees, Is your store offers any guarantee on the furniture? If they are providing a guarantee in writing, ask what is covered. Guarantees vary from store to store, some store provides price match guarantee, where they beat the price of their competitors and offer you the best price. Sometimes there are additional guarantees on furniture from manufacturers for customer satisfaction.

Home much time do I have If I need to cancel my order? Is there any cancellation fee?

Order Cancellation policies may vary from store to store. Sometimes because of any problem, you need to cancel your order. It is important to know before whether you can do so and how much time you have for canceling an order. Also, don’t forget to ask if you cancel your order, you’ll get complete payment refund or they will charge any cancellation fee.

How much time you’ll take in Delivery of that particular product?

Ask your Salesperson, How much time you’ll take in the delivery of my furniture product? Usually, Online Furniture Stores take 2 Weeks to 4 Weeks in the Delivery of the furniture.  In case, you’re located in Ireland or any remote areas, delivery time may be changed.  Also, the additional cost would be charged for delivery. To make your furniture delivery easy and hassle-free, ask your salesperson everything before making any purchase.

What Kind of Customer Service and Support do you offer after the Sale?

There so many things that you may go wrong with an order. Like, if Furniture Company delivered wrong product or dimensions, finishes are different from an actual order. Ask your salesperson who will be responsible to solve my problems,  If I got the wrong product delivered to my home, will you be able to replace that product with right one without taking any extra delivery cost or not?

In a Nutshell

A well-trained salesperson should know the answers to the above 6 Questions. Customers need to know basic information about what they are buying and from where they are buying. We hope you’ll like this article & don’t forget to leave your suggestions below, we would love to hear from you all!!


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