The aim of every interior decorator is to decorate a home in a way which is unparallel and stands out of all. In achieving this target, many young designers feel intimated and try out different unplanned and unsuitable ventures which result in wasting time, money, efforts and also in ruining a reputation. So to get the best returns for the efforts it is important to channelize them in the perfect direction, which can be achieved by following few do’s and don’ts of basic interior designing.

The first condition for decorating a home is to understand its architectural design and its location. The basic key factor of every designing is to highlight the natural assets and showcase personal style and preferences in an elegant and classy way

A particular theme is always good for every room. A signature painting or a piece of art should be present to serve as a focal point of the room. The walls should be brightened with significant wall décor, and the rest of the accessories of the room should be purchased in sync with that

One should always have a coordination with colour schemes and use of patterns. The checks, stripes, or geometrical patterns are extensively good to attract the onlookers. However, it must be maintained that the functionality of the room is more important than its aesthetic beauty.

Interior decoration

Taking suggestions from friends and family is always good but the decoration of a home should ideally be a result of the conversation between the homeowner and the designer. So it is always better to rely on own comfort areas and deliver the best.

Placing furniture’s should be done in accordance to the room size. Especially if it is a larger room, then the sitting arrangement should be done in a close area and not hugging the walls. This is best for socialising and also serving the purpose of the room.

Cheap decorations can destroy the look of the house. It is better to purchase high-end quality art rather than trendy home accessories since trends usually go after few days making the décor outdated. So it is wise to invest in a pricey painting than the cheap items

Repetition of décor items, colours and fabrics should be avoided. It destroys the uniqueness of every room. A new look in every room retains a sense of freshness which is very soothing.

It is never wise to display all collectibles at a time. If a piece of art is glorifying the sitting area, then the same should not be overcrowded with more excellent works of art. This way the original painting will lose its importance. So the best way is to change the same at regular intervals so as to catch the eye of the guests as well as fetch a revised décor for the room.

Interior Decoration

To create an example in the field of interior designing, it is best to read different magazines, understand modern styles and trends to provide contemporary as well as attractive decoration for the house.

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