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Mirrored Bedside Cabinet 42 Items

Here at Choice Furniture Superstore, we understand the importance of Bedside Tables in your bedroom. That is why we have included a vast selection of CFS Mirrored Bedside Cabinets in our collection. A Mirrored Bedside Cabinet upgrades the look of your bedroom. Whether you’re searching for a place to showcase a lovely night light lamp or just a stand to keep your magazines, a bedside table serves numerous needs. Include that unique class and style to your bedroom with our most beautiful mirrored Bedroom Furniture range. Take a look at our fabulous range of Bedside Tables to pick a right piece for your space. Shop online at CFS UK and save big!
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Mirrored Bedside Cabinet

The bed is the most important aspect of a bedroom. But a bed without a bedside table is like a vase without flowers. Needless to say, a bedroom isn’t complete without a bedside table. Today a typical bedroom has evolved to serve many different purposes besides sleeping. It is a very personal space that lets you unwind yourself and most importantly, be you. The bedroom is increasingly becoming a place where people spend most of their time working on their laptops or watching a soap opera or just relaxing. Hence to make the space functional and aesthetically pleasing, a bed accompanied by a bedside table is a must. At Choice Furniture, the most popular bedside tables are mirrored bedside tables. Each such cabinet is cut out to perfection to suit your bedroom. They are the perfect accent to your bed because you can simply place a bedside lamp or a vase with some fresh flowers to immediately lift the mood of the entire bedroom.

Apart from that, such a table can serve many other purposes, some of which are:

  • After working on your laptop, you need a place to keep it. A glass clad bedside cabinet can be the perfect solution.
  • A bedside cabinet is also an ideal place to keep your remote while watching the TV so that it isn’t misplaced.
  • You can place your alarm clock on the bedside cabinet.
  • It is an ideal place for your photo frames.
  • You can also place your mobile phone, watch or a bottle of water before sleeping.
  • A perfect place for books, especially the ones you read during bedtime.
  • If you have kids, the bedside table can help place their toys or books or any other small trinket before tucking them in.

So you see? The bedside cabinet is a very important aspect of your bedroom. At Choice Furniture, we have a wide range of mirrored glass bedside tables. But before we delve in further, here are two important factors that you should consider before buying your perfect bedside cabinet:


What size should you consider while purchasing your mirrored table for bedside? It is very important that you check out the sizes of various cabinets. If you are looking for a small one to go with your queen size bed, then we suggest you go for our Vida Living Jassica bedside cabinet. A deep buttoned head and footboard gives it a classy appearance. This mirrored bedside cabinet UK has 2 drawers and stands at a height of 71.2 cm and width of 71.2 cm. If you want to purchase a bedside table with mirrored top that has a bigger storage, then our Angelo mirrored bedside cabinet is perfect for you. A beautiful frosted mirrored panel with geometric knob designs gives it an antique finish. The 3 Drawer Mirrored Bedside Table gives you ample storage space.


The next important aspect to consider is storage. If you want a big storage space then our Killona mirrored glass bedside cabinet is just what you need. Featuring a warm champagne tone and mirrored panels, this3 Drawer Mirrored Bedside Table has a large storage space.

If you want a minimal look and a large storage is not your main concern, then we suggest you buy our mirrored Morocco bedside table. This mirrored glass bedside table features 1 drawer and an open shelf decorated with frosted mirror. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, if you want to purchase a Mirrored Bedside Table Pair, then you can either opt for the same tables on both sides of the bed or go for different styles for both sides.

Styling Tips

When it comes to styling or accessorizing your bedside table, you need to invest minimal effort as the mirror itself will add to its charm. Usually a bedside lamp and a flower vase is enough. But if you want to bring it up a notch, then you can go for a bedside clock, some books, an empty vase with some fairly lights to give a dreamy impact to your bedroom.

You can also place your favorite photo frames or books. For a minimal approach, you can also keep it empty with mirrored bedside Table Pair to save space for keeping your laptop or ipad.

Handling instructions

Mirrored Bedside Cabinets Ukare relatively inexpensive as compared to their wooden or iron counterparts and they gel seamlessly with any decor. But as economical as they are, they are equally fragile. The mirror can be prone to scratches and breakage and hence need special care. Here are some tips to help you care for your mirrored bedside table:

  • As a bedside table a small piece of furniture, avoid placing it in a place where you are likely to bump into it.
  • Never place any heavy or sharp objects on or near your mirrored furniture piece.
  • Clean it with only a dry cotton cloth.
  • Avoid using any chemical surface cleaner.
  • You can also clean it with a DIY homemade cleaner, take one part of vinegar and alcohol in ten parts of water. To it add a few drops of any soft detergent. Spray the solution on the affected area and wipe the mirrored surface with a clean cloth that doesn’t shed lint. Dry out the surface with paper towels and you have a super shining surface!

A bedside table goes much beyond placing your night time book or a bedside lamp. It complements your bedroom furniture and transforms a simple bedroom to a glamorous and trendy space. Gorgeous and stylish, our bedside mirrored cabinet would also make the room appear well lit and surprisingly spacious. So, browse through our exclusive designs and bring home the bedside table suiting perfectly with your taste and interior décor.