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Mirrored Dressing Tables 32 Items

Looking for Mirrored Dressing Table? Come and Browse through our extensive selection of CFS Mirrored Dressing Table in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any modern and contemporary home styles. With so many latest designs and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your space. From 1 Drawer, 2 Drawer to 7 Drawer Dressing Tables, our exquisite selection comprises of modern and contemporary home styles. Take a look at our fantastic selection of Mirrored Dressing Table to find the perfect piece for your space.
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Mirrored Dressing Tables

Every day as you get ready to brave the outside world, it is the dressing table that plays the most important role in getting you ready on the inside before you step out of your home. Especially for a woman, a dressing table is one of the most important and cherished bedroom furniture. And in this article, we talk about a dressing table that has taken the whole bedroom decor game up a notch- a mirrored dressing table.

A dressing table, other than helping you get ready, does a lot more than you can imagine. These classy bedroom furniture(s) have evolved over a period of time to serve as a storage space for knick-knacks, linens, beauty and makeup products, a great space to add a touch of personalization by adding decor pieces that suits your mood and if you don’t want to invest in a study for your room, your dressing table can serve as a great study to let you sit and do your work. Tempted to invest in one? We make sure that you get home only the best quality mirrored dressing table that will certainly add oodles of charm to your bedroom or closet.

But before we explain further, it is imperative that you consider the following points before making a purchase:

  • The most important accent to a dressing table is the mirror. And it is important that you choose the right mirror. Do you want a half length mirror just to apply makeup or do you want a full length mirror that helps you get dressed? Accordingly, you can choose the mirror you want or buy a dressing table set that comes along with a mirror.
  • Dimensions of the mirrored dressing table you are choosing are also very important. At what height do you want your dressing table to stand? Do you want a big dressing table or a slim one. Consider this point before you buy.
  • Storage. Do you want your dressing table to have storage or you can do without one? While having a storage capacity is a bonus as you can organize your makeup products and other knick-knacks that usually keep lying around the house.
  • Locks. Yes, this too is an important aspect to consider. After all, those expensive perfumes need guarding, don't they? Jokes apart, dressing tables with a security feature is a great option especially if you have kids around and you don’t want them to mess around with your favourite lipstick.

After you have made up your mind about the above things to consider, let us take a look at what Choice Furniture has to offer.

If you are looking for a mirrored dressing table set that is both very elegant and royal at the same time, then our Vida Living Jessica Dressing Table is the perfect choice for you. It’s features include an all mirrored design, the colour of which is a faint golden. The dressing table has 9 drawers and stands at a height of 80cm and width 160 cm. When not using it with a mirror, you can also use it as a makeshift study table.

Next on our list is a mirrored dressing table set that brings back the early Hollywood style of decor into your bedroom. This stylish piece of furniture uplifts your bedroom like no other. The body of the furniture has clear glass and geometrical paneling all over. The colour of the paneling is royal gold which gives it a stunning appearance. This dressing table features 3 drawers. The height of the dressing table is 78cm whereas the weight is 130cm. This slim and sleek dressing table is perfect for a small room or hallway even. Style it with a cushioned mirrored stool and a matching mirror to complement the look.

If you are a minimalist lover, then you would love our RV Astley Carn Dressing Table. Bathed in simplicity, this four legged dressing table features a single drawer and clear glass body. The legs are curved and painted black that gives it so much character. This mirrored dressing table small is a great addition to your bedroom considering its compact structure and elegant style. The dressing table stands at a height of 76 cms and width of 78cm.

For someone who loves multifunctionality of furniture, our Birlea Palermo Mirrored Dressing Table is the right choice as it allows you to convert the dressing table into a study table for you and your kids. You can even use this table as a serving table when you have many guests over. This smart piece of furniture features 4 drawers and is resting on 4 legs. The two sets of drawers are divided with a space to fit in a stool or chair. The height of the dressing table is 80cm and width is 100 cm.

All our mirrored dressing tables are unique in their designs and come with great functionality. And with just a touch of style, you can transform these dressing tables to take over the center stage in your bedrooms.

Materials used

At Choice Furniture, we use only high quality base materials to model our mirrored dressing table sets. Since we are talking about mirrored furniture here, clear reflective mirrors are used to make the body of the dressing tables. The legs of some of the mirrored dressing table with drawers are made of iron, solid wood or engineered wood.

Let us now take a look at some styling tips to help you beautify your dressing tables mirrored glass.

Styling Tips

While the dressing table is a very personal space in your bedroom, you would, nevertheless, want it to look stylish. Hence, we bring to you few tips to style your mirrored dressing table set:

  • If you own a mirrored dressing table small, then a great way to make the furniture attractive is by adding a mirror and a seating. Make sure that the diameter of the mirror doesn’t exceed that of the dressing table. You can place an indoor plant or a small table lamp to make the space look pleasant.
  • If you have a mirrored dressing table and stool, then place it in such a way that you have ample space to move around the furniture. You can place a free sanding medium sized mirror on the table for a dramatic effect and an open basket to store your makeup or beauty products.
  • Keep in mind the symmetry of the space. We can’t stress this point enough. And by creating a symmetry around your mirrored dressing table and stool we also mean keeping the wall decor in mind. Make sure that the wall against which you are installing your dressing table has minimal art hanging on it as you don’t want to clutter the area so much. And if you have opted for a very simple mirrored dressing table then we suggest you install LED lights around your mirror to give it a high-end celebrity dressing room effect.
  • Flowers for every mood and season. The simplest yet the most beautiful way to style up your dressing table is by adding a vase with fresh flowers in it. You can also replace the fresh flowers with faux ones.

Apart from the styles we mentioned above, you can style your  mirrored dressing table and stool in many other ways as per your taste. If you have kids in your family, then we would suggest investing in a mirrored dressing table with drawers so that you can tuck away makeup that can spill or get spoilt when toyed with. But, it is also very important to know how to care for your mirrored furniture the right way. Here are some handling instructions for you:

Handling Instructions

As we have mentioned in all our previous articles on mirrored furniture, mirror, though cheap and environment friendly, is difficult to care for. Hence, you need to give special attention to your mirrored dressing table. Here are some tips that will come in handy:

  • Place your dressing table away from direct heat and excess humidity.
  • Place your dressing table with ample room surrounding it.
  • Don’t hit the mirrored surface with a heavy metal object.
  • Avoid dragging any heavy object along the surface of the dressing table.
  • Clean the mirrored surfaces everyday with a clean microfiber cloth that doesn’t shed any lint.
  • If cleaning with a commercial cleaner, avoid spraying directly on the surface of the mirrored furniture.

Make your dressing table the most gorgeous piece of furniture so that spending some quality “me” time as you get dressed becomes enjoyable.