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Glass Dining Set 81 Items

Looking to Buy Glass Dining Set online? Look no further! Here at Choice Furniture Superstore, we have a broad assortment of Glass Dining Set furniture in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes to suit any modern and contemporary home styles. All Dining Sets are brilliantly manufactured using highest quality materials and long-lasting in durability. The comprehensive glass dining set range on display here is full of charismatic and illuminating glass top tables and wooden/metal chair combinations. CFS UK brings to you immensely beautiful and charming Glass Dining Sets that have a minimalist and space saving design. Illuminate your dining room with our modern and contemporary Glass Dining Sets. Buy Glass Dining Set online at CFS UK and Save Big!
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Glass Dining Set

Fancy a complete out-of-the-magazine look for your dining space? Then you must consider investing in a glass dining set. These fashionable yet practical dining sets are much in vogue and offer an interesting interior decor solution. You can give your home an ultra-modern twist with a glass dining table and chair. Besides being elegant and stylish the glass furniture sets are earning kudos with their ecofriendly character.

Advantages of a glass dining table

Here are some advantages of purchasing a glass dining table and chair set:

  • They are a perfect match for modern contemporary homes. Glass dining tables can be styled in both neutral and bright colored environments.
  • You can also combine a glass dining table with different accents. They blend in perfectly well with leather, satin, cotton or even mix upholstery.
  • They can be customized to be of any shape. You can choose from a variety of shapes such as round, rectangle, square or even asymmetrical shapes.
  • They are comparatively easier to maintain than their wooden or wrought iron counterparts. Glass being water and stain resistant makes it easier to clean it and maintain.
  • Glass means longevity. It doesn’t rust or tarnish with time and hence is a clever investment that lasts for years.
  • Glass as compared to wood, plastic or iron is eco-friendly and are made of safer materials. Hence, purchasing a glass dining table and chair is also doing your bit for the environment.

Now that you know their advantages, it is important to know which dining table you should opt for. At Choice Furniture, we have the widest collection of glass dining table sets to choose from. If you are looking for a basic design which renders a classy look to your dining space, our Urban Deco range of dining table sets are perfect for you. We have a glass dining table and chairs clearance sale that can be availed on our website.

You can choose from different designs in glass dining table and 4 chairs. Each table comes with different sets of chairs and you can get the upholstery customized according to your taste and home decor. The dining tables are in rectangular shape and have a width of 140cm, diameter 90cm and height of 75cm. Additionally, on purchase of any of our Urban Deco dining sets, you get 2 chairs absolutely free and can convert your dining set into a glass dining table and 6 chairs set.

If you have a small dining area, you might consider buying a round dining table with glass top. Our Serene Islington Round Glass Dining Table has a perfectly rounded table with a wooden base. It features 4 dining chairs that makes for a truly private and convenient seating arrangement. It has a diameter of 121cm which is ideal for a mid-sized room.

Similarly, if you are looking for a square shaped glass dining table and chair, then take a look at our Mark Harris range of dining tables. A super space saver of a dining table, they come in dimensions of width 100 cm and height 76 cm. the base is made of stainless steel that is wrought resistant.

At Choice Furniture, there is a dining table set for every home. You can avail Glass Dining Table and Chairs Clearance on our website now. You can bring home a truly memorable dining experience with our expertly handcrafted dining tables and chairs.

Materials used

Materials used are high quality clear glass for the top and the base of the dining tables are made of either solid wood or stainless steel.

Styling Tips

A glass dining table with chairs offers a clear view underneath the table. This also makes the dining room appear much more spacious. There are so many ways in which you can style up your glass dining table. Here are some tips for you:

  • Use table covers. They come in a variety of textures and you can choose something to match the fabric on your dining chair. Table linens are also a great option to minimize scratches and clanking while placing or shifting a utensil on the table.
  • Style the center of the dining table. You can opt for tall vases and fill them with fresh flowers or even faux flowers to give the entire space a vibrant look.
  • Candle Holders also work great with vases to give the table a medieval yet contemporary look. You can also opt for scented candles.
  • When you have guests coming over for dinner, plate setting also plays a major role to amplify the look of your dining table. You can use theme based crockery or even mix and match your plates and dishes to create an eclectic look. You can also pair up matching glasses to pour in wine or water.
  • To give your dining space a more exquisite look, hang a chandelier above the dining table and place a carpet or runner under it. If keeping the table top simple, you can play with bold textures and designs while selecting the rug.

Above all, maintaining a symmetry while styling up your dining table is the most important factor in making your home look stylish and aesthetic.

Handling instructions

Glass, even though a safer and an eco-friendlier option than wood or plastic, is equally brittle and hence requires special care. Here are some tips to handle your glass dining table with care:

  • Don’t place your dining table under direct sunlight. This might cause the glass to become brittle over a period of time.
  • Always use a commercial cleaner meant for glasses to clean the dining table top.
  • Use only a microfiber cloth to clean your glass dining table top. Make sure that the cloth you are using doesn’t shed any lint.
  • Avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the glass. Spray first on the cloth and thereafter wipe off any first and spills.
  • Don’t let any liquid stagnate on the surface of the table. Clean it immediately.
  • Avoid placing any hot utensil directly on the glass table. Always use table mats and coasters.
  • Don’t strike the surface with a heavy metal.

If possible, cover your dining table with a tablecloth to retain the shine and brightness of the glass for a longer duration of time.