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Mirrored Sideboard 38 Items

Looking for stylish CFS Mirrored Sideboards, Look no further! Take a look at our fabulous selection Mirrored Sideboard Furniture available in a variety of products. Some of our stunning sideboards are inspired by the latest trends & look beautiful in any modern and contemporary home styles. All of the sideboards featured here are designed to be highly functional with a number of drawers of your choice to make a storing variety of things in one place easy.
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Mirrored Sideboard

Have you ever heard the words credenza, buffets and sideboards and wondered what they are and how you can use them around your home? If yes, then this article is the answer to all your questions. To begin with, all three terms mentioned above mean one and the same thing. A sideboard is a flat topped furniture that is used for storing cutlery, linens, plates, glasses and other such items. Today, the humble sideboard has evolved to serve many other purposes than just storage. It is a great decor element and we show you how. Read on...

Your home is a reflection of who you are as a person. And for your home to reflect a happy, cozy and cheerful vibe, you must choose your furniture cleverly as it can make or break the entire look and feel of your home.A sideboard can add so much character to any space, be it your living room, dining hall or your bedroom.

In this article we will talk about mirrored sideboards that are a slight variation to fully wooden or metal sideboards and takes the whole sideboard game up a notch.

Mirrored furniture has been in fashion for the longest time now. A mirrored sideboard is a statement piece in itself. It can brighten up any space or corner of your home. And apart from providing ample storage space, the spacious top can be used as a display for your photographs, flower vase, art pieces and much more. We will discuss how you can style your sideboards, later in the article.

At Choice Furniture, you can choose from a wide range of mirrored sideboard UK .If you talk about a sideboard that is a great fit for any home, then our Vida Living Imelda sideboard comes into picture. Designed to look pretty basic, this piece of furniture is much more than that. The sideboard features 3 + 4 doors and is perfect to store your kitchen or living room products like cutlery, table cloth, sofa covers, pillow covers, cushion covers etc. You can place it in your living room or even in your entryway. The height of this sideboard is approximately 90 cms and width is 180 cms.

If you want to upgrade from a basic mirrored sideboard and want to add a touch of drama to your homes then our Vida Living Rosa sideboard is the perfect choice for you. This piece is compact and a total space saver but at the same time doesn’t lose out on its functionality.It features and geometric metal paneling all over the body. The handles or knobs on the doors are made out of crystal, thus lending a rich look to the sideboard.

It has a height and width of 90 cm and you can place it in your bedroom or your living room. The longer and bigger version of the same sideboard is also available on our website. It has a height of 160 cms.

Remember our Moroccan inspired chest of drawers? We have similar Moroccan inspired patterns on sideboards as well! Check out our Morocco mirrored sideboard. Classic Moroccan patterns and golden metal paneling all over the sideboard lends it an exquisite look. It features 3 doors and 3 drawers to store all your essentials. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab yours now. The furniture has a height of 80 cm and width of 127 cm.

Sideboards come in many styles and sizes, and they are the most functional furniture in your home. When it comes to styling them, there are so many ways you can deck up your mirrored sideboard. The same will be discussed in later points.

Materials used

The materials used in making mirrored sideboards are primarily high quality reflective mirrors. The body of the sideboard is made using high grade engineered wood and stainless steel depending on the model. Choice Furniture guarantees durability of all its products.

Styling Tips

The most important aspect of styling a sideboard is symmetry. Hang an artwork on the wall parallel to the sideboard. Make sure the artwork is hung exactly in the center. Balance both sides of the sideboard top with other artworks and flower vases or even lamps. Do make sure that you retain a uniform color scheme without making the sideboard look too crowded.

If you love the minimal approach, then you can make your sideboard come alive withjust a tall plant on one side of the sideboard and a long floor lamp on the other side of it. Keep a minimal artwork on top of the sideboard and you are good to go.

For a more eclectic appeal to your homes, you can add pops of color and multiple artworks as opposed to the minimal approach of styling. The trick to keeping theeclectic style clutter free is to maintain the symmetry. Add greens to make the place more vibrant and fresh.

Handling instructions

Mirrored sideboards are unique, stylish and extremely versatile. But along with all these good qualities, comes its care and maintenance. Mirrors are extremely fragile and need special care to make it last longer. Here are some easy tips to help you care for your mirrored furniture.

  • Don’t keep your mirrored sideboard under direct exposure to sunlight as it may cause cracks on the mirrors.
  • Place your sideboard in such a way that it isn’t too crowded.
  • Avoid dragging heavy objects on the surface.
  • Don’t put heavy objects or items that can easily cause scratches on your mirrored surface.
  • While using a commercial cleaner, avoid spraying directly on the mirrored surface. Use a clean cloth to wipe off stains and marks.
  • The best cloth to be used for cleaning the mirrored tops are microfiber. Choose ones that don’t shed lint.