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Designing your living room is an arduous task, but one thing that can make your designing much easier is selecting the right kind of furniture. Coffee Table comes in a variety of styles and sizes, choose a glass coffee table that suits your home decor and individual taste. A Glass Coffee Table Furniture is a basic piece that offers you some assistance with organizing your little kinds of stuff. Pick the classiest Glass Coffee Tables for your living room from our accumulations. Here at CFS UK, explore our full range of Glass Coffee Tables to find the most suitable furniture for your space. Shop online at CFS UK and Save Big!
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Urban Deco Maze Glass and Chrome Coffee Table

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Glass Coffee Table

The key to a great looking space is its symmetry. Be it any space of your home like the living room, bedroom or the dining room, a single furniture binds rest of the furniture(s) together. And the furniture we are going to talk about in today's article is the front-and-center-piece of the living room, the coffee table. Super fashionable, functional and decorative is the way to describe modern coffee tables. And glass coffee tables, a slightly upscale version of a traditional coffee table, brings a glamorous and fresh twist to the living area. Read on to find out more about this beauty.

Before we delve further into glass coffee tables, here are some important aspects that you must consider while purchasing a coffee table:

1. Height matters

The height of a coffee table has a major impact on the entire look of your living room. A coffee table that is too high or too low will make the entire arrangement look out of place and awkward. A golden rule to remember is, always choose a coffee table that is at the same height or 2-3 inches lower than your sofa cushion. The second rule to keep in mind is the length of the table. It shouldn’t exceed two thirds of the sofa length. Another important point to remember is the placement of the table. You should place it in such a way that there is at least 12-18 inches of space between the table and the sofa or other furniture surrounding it.

2. Shape is everything

We say this, because the shape of the coffee table can make or break the entire look and feel of the living room. If you have a narrow living room, you might consider investing in a rectangular shaped coffee table. Nevertheless, whichever shape you choose to buy, you must know their effectiveness in your room:

  • Circular coffee table: the best part about a circular coffee table is it allows everyone to gather around the table without getting hurt or hit. You can easily move the table around and this shape works great with an L-shaped sofa.

  • Square coffee table: great option for a large living room, square shaped coffee tables reduce the space between furniture making them seem evenly spaced out.
  • Rectangular coffee table: best paired with long sofas, they provide ample space to place food items and drinks.

3. Think about which material you want

The last but the most important aspect to consider is the material of the coffee table. If you have kids around, a hard wood coffee table is a clever investment. If you want to add a touch of retro style to your living room, then we suggest you go for marble top coffee tables. And if you want to create an upscale living area for you and your guests, the glass top coffee tables are the best.

Now that you understand the various points you need to keep in mind before investing in a coffee table, let us look at how coffee tables with a glass top can bring about a difference to your living room (you can thank us later!)

4. reasons why you should consider buying a glass coffee table:

  1. Due to the reflective property of glass, a glass topped coffee table makes the living area appear more spacious.
  2. Since glass is see-through in nature, it allows you to style up the base of the coffee table as well.
  3. Glass blends in with any decor style.
  4. Because of its neutral colour, it can be styled with any coloured sofa and a rug under.
  5. It is cheaper and more sustainable than its wood or marble counterparts.

At Choice Furniture, we have the latest glass coffee tables UK. Each coffee table is designed to suit your urban homes and beautify it further.

Going by the trend, our Gallery Direct Torrance Coffee Table is a great choice for a truly modern home. This round glass coffee table is all that you need to give your home a chic makeover. The table features a contemporary smoked grey glass top set in a matt black golden metal frame. The height of the table is 42cm and the width is 100 cm which makes it ideal for having your cup of coffee while resting your feet on it or having a friendly gathering with food, laughter and drinks.

If you are a fan of maximalism, then you would love our Hudson Living Argyle Mirrored Coffee Table. This coffee table comes in a set of two, one larger than the other which gives it the appearance of a nest of tables. The table features an iron frame with circular table top and a crescent shaped base. The glass is beveled in a shade of grey which gives it a stunning appearance. You can use the smaller table to place indoor plants and artefacts while the bigger table can be used for placing your coffee mug or serving food. The height and width of the bigger table is 55 and 75 cm respectively while the height and width of the smaller table is 45 and 55 cm respectively.

Another glass coffee table that is no less than a statement piece of furniture is our Urban Deco Maze Coffee Table - Glass and Stainless Steel Gold. This coffee table has a rectangular table top with a maze feature at the bottom.

The bottom is stainless steel that is painted in rustic gold which sets this coffee table apart. Style this table with your favourite flowers or some magazines and you have a living room that is straight out of the magazines. The height and width of the table is 45 and 130 cm respectively.

You can visit our website to discover various other glass coffee tables UK. You can also get your coffee table customized on request and avail special discounts too.

Materials used

The materials used in designing our coffee tables are high grade tempered glass in tainted, frosted or clear format. We have various shades of grey and black available too. The base of the coffee tables are made of stainless steel and solid wood that is durable and strong.

Styling Tips

The sky's the limit when it comes to styling your glass top coffee table. That being said, you can style up your coffee table as per your mood and personal taste. But here are some tried and tested styles that you too can try:

A great way to style a glass coffee table small is by keeping it minimal. Place a pretty rug underneath your table and a small indoor plant like the cactus on top of it. If you want you can place a stack of magazines alongside as well and you are done.

Vessels of every shape and height look great on coffee tables, especially when placed in a group.

To add a dramatic touch to your glass top coffee table, place some dried flowers and vines in one of the metal vessels.

Did you know? You can also style your glass coffee table small as a corner display table too? This gives you ample opportunities to style it. Place a runner along the length of the table and use your favourite art pieces to style it. You may even consider installing a low hanging light to illuminate the corner.

Above all keep in mind the symmetry while styling your coffee table. If your coffee table is a rectangular one, place objects on both sides of the table top or on the center to balance it out.

Handling instructions

Here are some tips you should keep in mind that will help you take care of your glass coffee table:

  • Place your coffee table away from direct heat and humidity as it can tarnish the glass surface.
  • Don’t hit your glass top coffee table with a sharp or heavy object.
  • Use soapy water to clean the table top.
  • Always use a microfiber cloth that doesn’t shed lint.
  • Don’t spray any commercial cleaner directly on the surface.
  • If using a glass coffee table small, avoid cluttering the top.
  • Don’t drag any heavy object along the glass top, this can cause scratches and breakage.
  • Don’t allow dust or food spillage to settle on the glass top. Clean immediately.

With these instructions handy, you can now rock a glass top coffee table and flaunt it in front of your guests as well.