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If you’re shopping for Glass End Tables, Look No Further than CFS UK! We offer a broad range of Glass end Tables in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to suit any living room style. Whether you’re looking for Lamp Tables, Occasional Tables or Glass Top Side Tables, we’ve something to suit every home style and individual taste. Glass End Tables are perfect for holding fundamental things new sofas in living rooms. Here at CFS, we offer glass accent tables that have different racks for holding books, little hardware and dish sets. Glass End Table is a perfect piece of furniture for modern living room and simple to clean and less maintenance required. CFS has a wide assortment of Glass Side Tables you’re sure to love! Enjoy efficient, reliable and hassle-free delivery across the UK!
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Paramount Glass and Stainless Steel Sofa Side Table

Hudson Side Table

Hudson Side Table

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Bari Silver Side Table - Round Mirrored Top

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Glass End Table

If home decor were to be a movie, end tables would be sidekicks. Jokes apart, but end tables are truly one of the most underrated elements when it comes to styling a home or any other space for that matter. While they are certainly not the major attractions of a living space unlike the sofa, coffee table or center table, they are still an integral part of the entire design skeleton of a space. A sofa or a bed without end tables or side tables, as they are popularly known, are just as empty as a vase without flowers. So, talking about the trend in end tables, we bring to you glass side tables that are ruling the decor world with their glossy finish, out-of-the-world designs and exceptional functionality. In this article we will talk about different glass end tables, depending on their functionality, things you should consider before purchasing an end table, and how you can effectively style them.Before investing in a side table, it is very important to decide the height of it. How do you decide which size is the best for your home?

Design experts suggest, an end table should always be 2-3 inches below the height of the sofa or bed. Next important thing to remember is the size or width of the end table. Too wide a side table would make it look out of place if your sofa is a small one and too tiny a table wouldn’t match a big 3 or 4 seater sofa. Overall, the space that the glass side table will fit into is important.

Another important aspect to consider is the functionality of the end table. Do you want it to have a storage space? Then the table needs to have a drawer. Do you want the end table to place books or a side table lamp? Then you might consider buying a side table with shelves. Do you want to display collectibles and photographs on the table or do you simply want it to balance out the symmetry of the space? In that case you would need to decide on the shape and width of the end table.

All that sounds confusing? Maybe a little bit but fret not as Choice Furniture comes to your rescue. We have the widest collection of glass side table for living room to choose from. The right end table binds in the different pieces of a living room to make it look like one family. Suppose the center table and the sofa of your home has stainless steel legs, then you might consider choosing from our Urban Deco range of glass side tables. Take a look at our Urban Deco Jazz Side Table. The table features a clear glass top and stainless steel legs which is a perfect accent for your living room. The rectangular table top measures 60 cm in width and the table is 50 cm in height.

For those who are looking for a modern glass lamp table, you are in for a treat because our Urban Deco Prism side table is an exquisite piece of furniture that will add instant charm to your living room. Square glass table top with “w” shaped twin legs finished in rose gold gives a perfect Hollywood feel to any space. Added to that, height and width of 50 cm makes this table a great accompaniment for a chaise or a lounge chair.

One interesting tip to remember is, symmetry is the key to a great looking home. If the rest of the furniture in your living room is square or rectangular shaped, go for a glass lamp table that has a round table top. Our Urban Deco Black Metal and Designer Glass Round Table with Hairpin Legs is a great option for your contemporary home. The table top has beautiful Moroccan patterns and hairpin legs gives it a minimalist look.

The diameter of the table is 56cm and height is around 51 cm. This Glass side table round can be placed in any corner of your living room. Hang a low hanging light above the table and place your favourite indoor plant and you have a charming corner ready in minutes!

Similarly if you are looking for shelves in your glass side table, then our Gallery Direct Hudson Bronze Side Table is the right choice for you. A pair of shining glass tops measuring 50 cm in diameter stacked one below the other and metal legs in aged bronze makes this end table irresistibly good looking. This glass side table round can be easily styled using simple elements like a flower vase and some photographs.

And for lovers of all things quirky, our Serene range of glass lamp tables can fill your homes with an eclectic spirit. And to help you take your end table game up a notch, we also have Serene Miranda Lamp Table that is an hourglass end table.

Be it a Frosted Glass End Table or Gold Glass End Table, an end table can spruce up any empty corner of your home.

Materials used

Materials used in making our glass side tables UK are high quality reflective glass. The bottom of the end tables are made of wood, stainless steel and wrought iron.

Styling Tips

Styling a glass side table for the living room is pretty easy. As in, you can style it however you wish to. Place a flower vase with some fresh flowers or a table lamp. You can also display artworks or family photographs or use the end table to stack books and indoor plant pots. Just keep in mind not to clutter the table top and you are good to go.

Handling instructions

A glass side table as the name suggests has a glass table to and hence requires special care and attention. Here are helpful some tips for you:

  • The glass top is fragile; hence don’t place any heavy object on top of it.
  • Place the end table so that it has ample room around it.
  • Avoid cluttering the table top.
  • Don’t drag any object along the table. This might cause scratches and breakage.
  • Always use a commercial cleaner meant for your glass side table. Use a lint free cloth to clean the top.
  • Don’t place the table under direct sunlight.

Now that you know almost everything about end tables, you can check out Glass End Table for Sale on our website and bring home your beauty.