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Glass Nest of Table 3 Items

Offering beautiful design and functional storage in any living space, Our Glass Nest of Tables are the perfect piece for any modern and contemporary home setting. With a wide assortment of Glass Nest of Tables, you’re sure to find the perfect piece that gives freshen feel to your living space. Here at CFS, we offer a broad range of Glass Nest of Tables Furniture in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to suit any shabby chic interior. From Glass Nest of Tables, Curve Nest of Tables, Round Nest of 2 Tables to Mirrors Nest of Tables, we have something to suit every home style and budget. The tables on display here only use high-quality metals, woods, and glass in their built and serve their purpose easily for a lifetime. Shop More, Save More!
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Glass Nest of Table

Whether you own an urban home or live in a rented one, the fact remains that apartments are increasingly becoming more and more compact these days. Though smart, elegant and compact these small apartments offer strict space restrictions. But a crunch of space is no excuse not to deck up your home, is it? Especially if you have clever furniture that not only helps spruce up your space but come with great functionality as well. One such piece of furniture that is the need of the hour is a glass nest of table. Though nest of tables have been around for a long time now, they have gained a lot of popularity in recent times owing to their spectacular designs and very limited space occupancy. And as the name suggests, nest of tables are essentially a trio of 2-3 tables that fit into each other and can be separated as and when required to place in different corners of your room. And the interesting part? They serve multiple purposes.

From acting as a coffee table, to end table or even night stands, they work great in every room and space. At Choice Furniture, we have a great collection of glass nest of tables to choose from. And now you can also get your nest of tables customized according to your home style.

If you are looking for a basic nest of table, then our Urban Deco Silver Metal and Glass Nest of 2 Round Clock Tables is just perfect for you. This nest of tables is also great if you have furniture with stainless steel legs as they would look great placed in a room together. Speaking about the features of this nest of tables, the round table tops have clear glasses with pseudo clocks designed on both. The surface underneath the glasses have stainless silver spokes built into the frame of the tables. This design gives the nest of tables a super quirky look. Placed in any corner, this nest of tables is bound to give your home a chill contemporary vibe. The large table measures a diameter of around 55cm and height 62 cm whereas the smaller table has a diameter of 45 cm and height of 53 cm.

The next set of tables is hard to give a miss. Our Serene Casey Nest of Table - Glass and Chrome is a striking piece of beauty. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, the round glass top is in a handsome shade of black and the legs are finished in dull gold. The glass is a tempered glass which ensures minimal scratches and breakage. This glass nest of tables UK is perfect for your bachelor pad too. The tables measure a width of 46cm and height 48 cm for the bigger table and diameter 41 cm and height 43 cm for the smaller table.

If you are looking for a simple glass nest of tables to adorn your home or office, then our Greenapple Pure Glass Arc Nest of Tables is ideal for you. The specialty of this nest of tables is, it is entirely made of glass and comes in a set of 3. 12 mm curved glass ensures that the piece is sturdy and aesthetic. In addition to that, the see through glass makes it a stunning addition to your living room as it gives you ample styling options.

You can place books and photographs on the largest table while an indoor plant beneath it. The smaller tables can be styles similarly or you can play around with different moods to decorate them. And if you would like a touch of wood in your nest of tables, our Jual Curve Walnut Nest of Table is just the right choice for you. Give your home a contemporary twist with this glass nest coffee table that has a deep walnut wooden base. The table tops are made of classic black glass. The diameter of the larger table is 51cm whereas the height is 47 cm and for the smaller table, the diameter is 36 cm and height 42 cm. The opaque design of the base allows you to create a storage space for magazines and other items.

All our nest of tables are designed using expert hands to give them a seamless finish and a classy appearance. You can visit the online site of Choice Furniture to place your orders and receive a hassle free delivery.

Material Used

All our glass nest of tables are made of tempered glass ensuring it is scratch and break resistant. The bottom of the tables are made either of pure wood or iron. In some, stainless steel have also been used to give it an edgy look.

Styling tips

Now that you know how nest of tables can be utilized in your home and the different styles you can choose from, the important aspect to look after is its styling. Here are some tips to help you style your glass nest of table UK effectively:

  • Utilize your nest of tables to cover tiny corners of your home. For example, the space where your sofa ends can often be neglected. Nest of tables come in handy to bring alive those empty spaces. Place a single table or the entire set and style it by placing some books and a quirky flower vase, maybe in the shape of a kettle?
  • An important thing to remember while styling any space is to keep in mind the color theme of the room. Accordingly place accents of matching or contrasting color to beautify the space.
  • If you want to use your glass nest of tables as a coffee table, then avoid cluttering the space with many accents. Simply place a candle stand or a flower vase and you are done.
  • A great way to showcase all the tables in a glass table nest of 3 is to scatter them around the room. Each can be styles differently as per your requirements. If you have kids around, then you might consider keeping the smaller tables free as they can serve as activity tables for the little ones while you enjoy the evening with your family.
  • You can also replace a center table with a nest of tables. To make it look aesthetically pleasing you can place the tables side by side so that each table is revealed and creates a symmetry. When you have guests over, you can easily remove the tables to create space in your living room.
  • Hope these tips can help you style your glass nest coffee tables. Now let us take a look at the handling instructions to take better care of our furniture.

Handling instructions

Every furniture needs proper care to retain its beauty and functionality. So does your glass nest of tables? Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Remember to clean your table top with a clean microfiber cloth every day. You may use soapy water or a store bought cleaner for the same.
  • If using a commercial cleaner, don’t spray directly on the table as it might be too harsh for the glass.
  • Don’t place any heavy objects on your table.
  • Avoid dragging or placing anything by force as it can cause scratches on the glass.

Place the glass tables away from direct heat.