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Glass and Chrome Coffee Tables


Envi Glass and Chrome Slatted Coffee Table

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Urban Deco Maze Glass and Chrome Coffee Table

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The glass and chrome coffee table is considered as the most beautiful table as the glass is a versatile material and it's to match it with any home décor. and if you consider having a structural base for the coffee table then the glass top is a perfect fit for it as the structure of the table is very well visible through the glass.

The transparent feature of glass makes it one of the most demanded materials of all time. Thou glass is an intriguing material and it looks very fragile and delicate but it's quite strong and durable. There are various designs used to create a unique structure for a table but with tabletop like wood, metal, marble, mirror, etc. it's quite difficult to see what the structure of the table is like. But with glass that's never a case the transparent feature makes it easy to see what the structure of the table is it's worth all the hard work with the tabletop.

The chrome used in this table is a finishing that's also known as chromium plating. The process involves the application of chromium on the surface of metal and glass or other furniture to give it gleam and make it scratch resistant and other surface problems. This finishing is done to protect the surface from any scratch accidents. The chrome creates a fresh and clean look while being less impactful than a solid finish and this means it creates less of a visual stance in your space, giving the illusion of a bigger room. These finishes are also used on black glass coffee table and they give the exact same result as transparent glass table.