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Wide Range of Personalized Dining Sets

UK’s top most home decor company offers you the best of dining sets. Our great ideas are just right for any of situation. Be it the most formal family or friend sit-down meals, the exclusive family dinners or the long lunches, our functional pieces and versatile designs add character, homeliness and joy to your dining experience, every time!

Choose from a wide range of dining set ideas here. Some of our more favorite offerings include Bentley Designs Oslo Walnut, Bentley Designs Casa Oak, Willis and Gambier Tuscany, Originals by Willis and Gambier Normandy and other sets of dining tables and chairs that are all time favourites of homes worldwide. UK’s best online store for home décor offers you a range of dining sets so that you can choose one that just blends fully with your home aesthetics. Our contemporary, modern, trendy, classic and other designs are made in accordance with the customer needs and style preferences so that you do not have compromise while matching the best dining sets with your dining room.

Much more than furniture for dining, our dining chairs and tables are the inspiration ideas around which many lives and experiences are woven. The beautifully designed sets form part of the biggest dining chairs and table sale in The UK that we bring to you with great joy and enthusiasm here. The handpicked items displayed here are beautifully designed sets and are even personalizable with modern or classic tableware, the dinner sets, the glassware or ceiling lights, etc. The highest quality upholstered seats of the dining chairs are very comfortable and can be used for other purposes as well. Be rest assured of the quality as the sets will not require any kind of maintenance for decades to come.
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Dining Sets

Dining table and chairs are an essential for any home regardless of the theme of decor. Nowadays many trends have come up and some people prefer dining table set with bench instead of dining chairs. This of course depends on the shape and size of the dining table. For instance, benches with a small round dining table set will look out of place with a bench, for a round table chairs are the ideal choice. You need to make the choice of a dining table keeping in mind the decor of your dining area. It should melt in with the decor and not stand out odd. Before we explore several designs in dining table and chairs, let’s understand key aspects in selecting the perfect dining table set. The ideal choice in dining table would be the one that is suiting your budget, has right dimensions as per your room, sturdy, finely constructed and blends well in your space with a fashionable style. Below given are the key factors to be considered while selecting a dining table for your home.

  1. Right dimensions: Your dining table must be a perfect fit in your dining space! Ensure to measure the width and breadth of the table perfectly against your dining space before opting for one.
  2. Shape: Though square and rectangular tables are the most popular ones, CFS offers a host of choices with a myriad of styles, sizes and extendable options. Just like an oval or round dining table set lets a little more navigating space around since it cuts off the corners and square or rectangular table extend a good surface area. Pick your choice wisely!
  3. Right table material: Wood, glass and metal, choose your table material wisely considering your budget, ease of care, and your home interior theme.

Besides the key factors the other points to be considered are whether you have elderly people or kids in your home. I such condition it is ideal to opt for a round table which does not have any sharp edges which can injure kids or elderly people. At the same time with kids and pets in your home you should avoid a glass dining table and buy one made of a h3 wood like oak or a stone like marble. However, if you are the kind of person who prefers a bit of dramatic combinations in their home, then you can choose a white marble dining table set with a colorful decor. This will make the dining table stand out aesthetically and look welcoming.

You may wonder about the price of a set that perfectly suits your home and meets your requirements. However, you need not worry because the ace furniture stores like Choice Furniture Store has regular dining table sets clearance sales where you can get a set of your choice at a very reasonable price. Their products are as it is priced very reasonably and during a dining table set clearance sale, you can actually get the exact one that you want at a price that may surprise you.




The Choice Furniture Store has many different styles of dining table sets which are classic in their design. These sets will never go out of fashion and you will be able to enjoy your investment for many years to come. For instance the rectangular, round and square dining tables with chairs are ideal as classic sets that will last you a lifetime. Then again there are 4 seater dining table sets, 6 seater dining table sets and 8 seater dining sets. In fact you can also a 2 seat dining table set if you want to use the set only for one or two people. This type of set is ideal for single people, or couples who are not planning a family just yet.

You can choose any of these according to the size of your family. If you have a large family or entertain often then you should opt for the 6 or 8 seater sets.

CFS offers a huge variety in dining tables made of different materials like wood, glass, marble, metal and the like. Then there are the variety of chairs with different styles like upholstered chairs, high back rest chairs, chairs with cushioned seating and others. Chairs are mostly made of wood or metal but they are designed in different manners to look completely unique. The best part is that the chairs are ergonomic in their design and provide excellent comfort.

As mentioned above you can also get dining table set bench at Choice Furniture Store. Dining benches are becoming quite popular among people who regularly have lunch and dinner parties. This is because the benches can seat more people compared to a set of chairs. Of course you may think that dining table benches will go out of fashion after some time, but this is not the case. This is because although dining chairs were always more popular, dining benches have been in use for a long time by some people who weren’t afraid of standing out from the crowd.


Popularity and benefits of different materials used as dining table tops


Most of the dining tables available with Choice Furniture Store have wooden legs, but there are exceptions to that as some also have base or legs made of metals. However, there is a large variety in the table tops. The tops have been chosen with care to ensure that they are ergonomic and also look aesthetic at the same time.

Here you need to keep in mind that when you consider choosing the top for a dining table, you should be aware of the different themes that it will match with.

A glass dining table set is ideal for a minimalistic decor. At the same time it is also a good choice if your dining area is small. This is because the glass top does not occupy visual space and will make the area look larger. At the same time, a round dining table offers you maximum freedom when it comes to the choice of chairs or benches with it. You can choose any material or color and still the chairs will look good with a glass top dining table.

Wooden dining tables set will provide a more solid and stoic look so you should choose wood if your dining space is comparatively large. Wooden dining table set is also ideal if you want longevity. However, wood needs some maintenance and has to be polished or painted from time to time. At the same time, spills can cause ugly spots on the wood which is why you may need to cover it with a table cover.

Modern tastes often prefer marble dining table sets, and marble is available in many different colors. However, some marble stones are more delicate compared to others and you need to choose one that suits your lifestyle as mentioned above. But marble is expensive compared to other cheap dining table set. Hence you need to make these considerations while choosing marble dining tables.

The color of the table top is also important, because white dining table set will look good in a small space. On the other hand grey dining table set looks good in a large space. Here you also need to bear in mind that white is a color that gets soiled easily and will require proper maintenance and care.

At Choice Furniture Store aesthetics go hand in hand with techniques. They have dining tables and chairs of different styles and one of the styles worth mentioning is the extendable dining table set. This type of dining table can be used for a small family regularly, but in case you have guests then it can be made larger. You need not worry that an extendable table will be complicated, because Choice Furniture Store has made sure that their tables are easy to operate. They don’t cause a hassle and help you in saving dining space for other purposes. These tables although innovative do not let you down when it comes to aesthetics and design. Even in the extendable tables there is a choice between different styles and you are sure to find one that goes with the style of decor of your dining area.


Should you buy dining tables according to trends?


Though every dining table set for sale at Choice Furniture Store is designed to be a classic one, but there are the exceptions which tops them all, like the drop leaf dining table set. These trendy sets are considered timeless and will look amazing for long time to come. A dining set is an expensive piece of furniture and you should ensure that you invest in something that will not require changing frequently and this furniture store has put in a lot of effort in designing their dining table sets so that they don’t go out of fashion soon. Still if you want a dining tables that are trendy and modern there are the exceptions to the rule.

Styling tips for dining table sets

The simplest and easiest way to add style to your dining table is to place a fruit bowl or vase of flowers in the middle when you are not using the table. Another thing to bear in mind is the lighting. Install a low hanging light on top of the table and at night keep only this light on while having dinner. This will give a cozy and romantic feel to the table set up. You can also place a table cloth across the dining table. With this idea you can get very creative and use a runner or even a rug when you are not eating. You can create a vignette with salt and pepper and spoons and forks and keep it at the center of the dining table. This will save you from having to clear it every time you finish a meal. At the same time it will look good and trendy. Another good idea would be to hang paintings or pictures on the walls opposite to the dining table to make it look attractive.

You can place some candle stands and indoor plants also while a totally unique method of styling your dining table would be to group together vessels of different sizes at a strategic place on the table and decorate this with fresh flowers. This will make your dining table look modern and chic. Here you should bear in mind that you should place items which will not scratch the top of the table. You have to be especially careful with wooden table tops and even marble can get scratched comparatively easily.


Maintenance tips


Like all furniture dining table sets UK also require regular maintenance. This is especially so in this case because dining furniture is susceptible to spills which can create ugly patches on the tables. Wooden dinging tables need more care and you should not place any vessel that is very hot. You also need to protect it from scratches and blotches wipe off any spills immediately and use a mild cleaner with a cotton cloth to clean the surface of a wooden table. Make use of a table cloth or table mats during meals. The same applies to chairs with upholstery. You may have to take the help of cleaning professionals in order to clean the upholstered chairs from time to time.

When it comes to glass dining table set, it is fortunate that nowadays glass dining tables are more durable and scratch resistant. However you need to follow some maintenance guidelines. It is advisable to keep the glass dining table away from direct heat because too much heat can crack the glass. Avoid hitting the glass with any heavy object and make sure that there is nothing on the ceiling which can fall down and damage the glass. Always use table mats and coasters when using the dining table. You should also avoid dragging objects or cutlery on the table top.

Marble dining tables are also delicate in comparison to wood and equally susceptible to stains and blotches. Follow the same thumb rule that is applicable to glass dining tables.

Now that you know all about dining table sets, you should conduct a thorough research regarding which one is suitable for you. Bear in mind that you need not go around looking for the right dining table set for you because of the large variety available with Choice Furniture Store. At the click of a button you can order the set that meets your requirements and place your order.