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Glass Dining Tables 129 Items

Glass Dining Table is one of the indispensable furniture of the dining room, it should be stylish and comfortable. A large extending glass dining table can accommodate a large number of guests, whereas round dining tables are perfect for small families. Make your every meal memorable with our exclusive range of Glass Top Dining Tables with Wooden/Metal Legs. Pick an altogether cutting-edge modern, round glass-topped table or a more provincial glass and wood blend. With a wide assortment of Dining Tables, you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your space that suits your budget and style. Enjoy Fastest and Hassle-Free Delivery across the UK!
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Glass Dining Tables

It is an undeniable fact that food plays the most important role in our lives. And in order to enjoy it, a dining table is a must. A dining table is not just for sharing our daily food with our family, it is a place where people gather and bond over food, share their stories, laughter and happiness with each other and hence, dining rituals, since the dawn of time, have always been given so much importance. In this article, we talk about a variant of the dining table, the glass dining table.

But before we explore the topic further, one important question that you need to ask yourself is, what do you need to look for in a dining table? It is likely that you will want to invest in a dining table that will last you for a good 10-20 years or more. If so then here are some important aspects of a dining table that you mustn’t overlook:

1. Your dining table should be made of a strong material

The sturdiness of your dining table is the most important point to remember. If you love hosting huge gatherings and parties, then you should always opt for a hard wood dining table. If not, you can also go for tables made of engineered wood. Thought engineered wood isn’t that strong but still can with stand rough use.

If you are looking for style quotient in your dining table, then we suggest going for a marble top dining table. The timeless appeal of marbles will make your dining table a showstopper for sure. The other material that is equally popular, is glass. Glass is a much cheaper and eco-friendlier option and is sturdy too. Today, glass top dining tables are made using tempered glass that makes it resistant to scratches and breakage.

2. Decide on which shape you want for your dining table

Needless to say, the shape of your dining table matters a lot. And it also depends on the home you own or the apartment you have rented out. If you own a home that is spacious, then you can play around with various shapes and sizes. But if you have space limitations, then a small round dining table is a great option. You can also go for rectangular or a square size but remember to keep the seating to a 4 or 6 seater maximum.

3. Choose a dining table that you can easily shift

A great option for those on the move, opt for a dining table that you can easily transport without any damage to it. A flat packed dining table is a great option in this case. Added to that, it works great on any decor style.

4. Keep in mind the trend (or not?)

Styling your home according to the latest trends is cool but also beware of certain trends that can easily become passé. Hence, to be on the safer side, it is good to invest in a dining table that can never go out of style like the glass top dining table or a solid wood dining table.

Did the above points help you clear your mind on the type of dining table you want? If yes, let us swing back to the major aspect of this article - glass dining tables.

Why a glass top dining table you ask? Our favourite point is- they are extremely versatile and work great with any theme or decor style. But apart from that here are the following points that makes a glass top dining table the winner:

  • Glass being transparent, reflects light back into the room making it brighter and fuller.
  • You can style any chair with it.
  • Glass also comes in different shades and tints. You can choose any colour you want.
  • Contrary to a popular belief that glass is fragile, it is actually very sturdy. Today glass top dining tables are made using tempered glass that is resistant to wear and breakage.
  • Maintaining it is easy.

Have we convinced you enough to invest in a glass top dining table? If not, here are some popular designs on Choice Furniture that will surely ease your doubts about getting one.

If you want to create a bold style statement with your dining table, then our Urban Deco Wave Dining Table - Glass and Stainless Steel Chrome is the perfect dining table for your home. Beautiful and elegant is the way to describe this beautiful work-of-art dining table. Rectangular table top and designer stainless steel base renders a classy look to the dining table. The table has a capacity to sit 6 people at a time. The dining table comes flat packed, which means it can be easily transported if shifting places. You can style any chair with the table as per your taste and style. The table has a width of 200 cm and height of 75 cm.

If you are looking for a dining table that is perfect for a small family or gathering, the we would suggest you take a look at our Gallery Direct Brixton Burnished Dining Table. The table top is made using solid European rustic graded oak, which is renowned for its unique character, and the top is burnished resin, which resembles polished stone, with a metallic bronze hue.

The oak is brushed out to show the grain with a dry natural finish. The table can sit 4 people at a time and has a height and width of 76 and 160 cm respectively. Want to invest in a round glass dining table? Then our Serene Islington Round Dining Table - Walnut and Glass is the right choice for you. Beautiful bold glass top with a walnut base renders this dining table a modern-contemporary look. The base is made of sustainable hevea wood and the glass top is tempered to make it strong. The height of the table is 75cm and the width is 121 cm. you can easily place this dining table in any room.

At Choice Furniture, we have a piece for every home and mood. And now you can even get your dining table customized and purchase chairs separately to match them.

Materials used

Materials used are good quality tempered glass for the table top. For the base, we use sustainable wood like mahogany or hevea wood. Some dining table bases are also made of stainless steel and wrought iron.

Now that you have purchased one, let us look at how you can style them.

Styling Tips

  • A great way to style your glass dining table when you are not eating at it is by placing a flower vase with fresh flowers and a fruit bowl. This is the simplest style that never goes out of fashion.
  • Install allow hanging light structure on top of your table. It gives a cosy feeling to the entire dining space especially at night.
  • Hang wall arts and paintings on the wall opposite the dining table.
  • Place a bright runner and some candle stands and fresh green indoor plants on your dining table to give it a boho twist.

  • Group together vessels of varying height and place a combination of dried and fresh flowers to decorate it.
  • Create a dining vignette to place your salt, pepper, spoons and forks so that you don’t have to keep clearing it every time. Place the vignette at the center of the table to make it look presentable.

Let us now look at some handling instructions to help you take better care of your dining table.

Handling instructions

Even though glass top dining tables these days are much more durable and scratch resistant, keeping a few handling instructions handy helps a lot.

  • Keep your glass dining table away from direct heat and humidity as a combination of both can cause the glass to lose its shine.
  • Keep your dining table clean every day. Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the surface.
  • If using a commercial cleaner, avoid spraying directly on the glass surface. Spray the solution first on a clean piece of cloth and then wipe off stains.
  • Avoid hitting the glass surface with a heavy metal object.
  • Avoid dragging objects or cutlery along the glass surface.
  • Always use mats or coasters while placing hot food on the table.
  • In case of spillage, wipe off the surface immediately. Don’t allow any liquid to stagnate on the surface.

With these points in mind, you can easily take care of your dining table and enjoy your meals every day. Dining tables are a onetime investment and hence it is imperative that you choose wisely. At Choice Furniture, we have a delectable range of dining tables you can choose from. Our dining tables are made keeping in mind the design and quality of the furniture. Each piece of furniture is a fruit of love and effort. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home your glass dining table today!