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Oak Dining Tables 303 Items

Looking to buy a fantastic Dining Room furniture for your Home? Look no further than CFS! Our wonderfully created Oak Dining Tables are the ideal spot to enjoy dinner with the family or some tea with companions. Make each meal a unique event with our range of lovely strong Oak Dining Tables and oak polish Dining Area Tables. Solid oak is a hard-wearing natural material that can be sanded and treated when required, so you can make the most of your Oak Dining Table for a considerable length of time to come. Or again browse our moderate range of oak polish dining tables, including a lacquered surface, making it much less demanding to tidy up after those muddled eaters.

Depending upon your space, you can pick a small or round oak table, or a vast extending table that is ideal for fitting additional eating visitors. What\'s more, examine our oak dining table sets, or shop our range of Dining Room Oak Furniture to make a perfect dining room area in your home. Explore our full range to find the perfect and strong Dining Room Furniture manufactured from 100% Pure Oak Wood. Also, customers can get best deals and offers on purchasing of the Oak Dining Table Furniture from CFS UK Online Furniture Sale. Shop More, Save More!
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Milano Oak Extending Dining Table
Lincoln Riviera Oak Extending Dining Table

Lincoln Riviera Oak Extending Dining Table

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Ethnicraft Oak Bok Dining Table

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Cambridge Oak Butterfly Extending Dining Table

Cambridge Oak Butterfly Extending Dining Table

You Save: £520 (50%)
Delivered FREE in 1-2 Weeks Interest Free Finance Available.

Oak Dining Tables

As they say, one cannot sleep well, think well or love well if one has not dined well, it’s a crucial factor in every household to have an ideal dining table to make dining a pleasant experience. From a myriad of selections of dining tables, ranging from wooden to glass to marble, oak dining tables are a profound choice for every household.

Selecting an oak dining table and chairs can be a difficult choice, but if you find a store that stocks a huge variety of oak dining tables and chairs, it’s always easier to make an informed decision. In order to make the interior of your living space more vibrant, it is important to have the finest oak furniture. Besides, in the dining room, fashionable oak dining benches or chairs compliment the complete look accompanied by an accent oak dining table that creates a statement.

Most people feel that the longer they spend browsing and choosing a suitable oak dining table and chairs set, the more dilemma they face. But, the longer you spend trying to pick out suitable furniture sets, the more likely it is for you to make the ideal decision for your home. As you’re exposed to new choices and varieties, you are able to filter out the best selection out of all. Solid oak is a pure guarantee for your living space as it is comfortable and lasts for long. Oak dining table sets are available in a myriad of finishes including lacquered, oiled and blond. You can also find them with seating options which is inclusive of pads made out of leather or any other choice of fabric you want.

As we look further into the concept of oak dining tables, let’s examine the important aspects of a dining table. The best dining table for you is the one that suits your budget, fits sturdy, finely constructed and is fashionable. Here are a few important factors that should be considered while buying an oak dining table for your house.

  • Use a measuring tape: Your oak dining table must be a perfect fit in your dining space! So, make sure you measure the width and breadth of the table before choosing one.
  • Choice of shape: Though square and rectangular tables are the most loved ones, you’ll find different choices with a variety of styles, sizes and extendable options. Just like a round or oval table allows a little more space to move around. Make the right choice!
  • Right table material: Choosing the ideal oak wood for your dining table can be difficult. But don’t worry; just try to balance the price in your budget, check out the ease of care, and your choice of style to pick the perfect one for your home.
  • Check if reliable & sturdy: A good dining table should be sturdy and well-made, with a great finish that is firm against the wearing out of material over time. So, if you pick up a reliable one, you’re good to go for a long period of time without having to get a new one.

If you’re looking out to add a superb addition to your dining room, our Hudson Living Kielder Oak dining table is compact, durable and is perfectly elegant. The dining set's rich ivory finish adds a classy touch to the set and goes well with most color schemes. If you’re looking out for simplicity and a statement, the Gallery Direct Foundry Oak dining table is definitely going to lure your mind with its deep brown shade and merge well with any background in your home.

Materials used

The materials that are being used by us for the table top made out of sound quality tempered oak. To create the base, we make use of wood that will be sustainable oak wood that will last you a very long time.

After your purchase, let’s look at how you could style your oak dining table and chairs.

Styling Tips

  • You could start with keeping a flower vase with fresh and lovely flowers along with a beautifully carved fruit bowl on your round oak dining table.
  • Install hanging lights on the top of your table with yellow lights or dim blue lights fixed to them so that you can savor a cozy dining experience on your large oak dining table.
  • You could also create wall arts and paintings or hang them on the wall standing opposite to the dining table.
  • You could use bright colored runners matching with your walls. You can also place some candle stands and fresh indoor green plants to add a bohemian touch to your oak dining table set.

  • Pick a few vessels of different heights and sizes. Keep a mixture of dried and fresh flowers to decorate it.
  • Create a dining vignette at the center of the table to keep your salt, pepper dispensers, spoons and forks for easy usage.


Handling instructions


Even though dining tables these days are way more durable and scratch resistant, especially when it comes to oak wood, it’s always good to have a few handling instructions handy.

  • Keep your oak dining table away from direct heat and humidity as it can damage the color and finish of the wood.
  • Keep your dining table clean every day. Make use of a dry microfiber cloth to clean the surface.
  • If you’re using a commercial cleaner, try not to spray directly on the wood surface. Begin with spraying the solution on a clean piece of cloth and then began wiping off stains.
  • Avoid hitting the oak dining table surface with any heavy object.
  • Always make sure to use mats or coasters while keeping heated food on the table.
  • In case you spill anything, immediately wipe off the surface. Try not to allow any liquid to stay on the surface for too long.

So make your meals and memories at the perfect choice for your oak dining table and let loose your souls in the divinity of your home.