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Vivid and Delightful Range Of Clocks, Wall Clocks, and Table Clocks Clocks complete homes and are much more than mere time displaying devices. They add style and character to your homes and reflect your attitude. Find here a range of designer clocks, wall clocks, table clocks, vintage clocks, standing clocks and table clocks for your rooms and walls. The mesmerizing, shabby and chic collection of Wall Clocks from Decorative Accessories has a number of new and classic wall designs including the Numeral, Wound and Gold Fretwork clocks. The contemporary Vintage clock collection includes the Iron Segment, Iron Drum, Stained Glass, Cake Time and Antique clocks, among other modern designs. Add a new and retro look to your home through the Vintage Freestanding Iron Tripod Fan Clock. Table clock designs from the favourite brand include Bistro, Mariner Ships, and Iron Calendar clocks among other exclusive and stunning designs. The traditionally styled table clock range from Deco Home includes a range of traditionally styled clocks having Mango wood base. The clocks are pleasing additions to your living room and other home interior areas. Pharmore has a designer and contemporary range of wall clocks here for all classic and modern home interior styles. The beautiful Hill Interiors clock collection has the Antique, Memories, Display Cabinet, Antique Telephone and other beautiful clock designs that are impressive and add everlasting charm to a wall space and room. Browse through to find a humongous collection that has a clock, wall clock, and table clock design for all kinds of home décor and livings styles.

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Urban Deco Decorative Black Metal Tripod Clock Urban Deco £169
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Urban Deco Decorative Black Metal Tripod Clock

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W 1.88cm x D 54cm x H 63cm

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This item is delivered ready assembled and can be used straight after unpacking.

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