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Mirrored End Tables 30 Items

Browse through our broad range of Mirrored End Table Designs available online at Choice Furniture Superstore. Include a touch of contemporary style to your living room with superb mirrored end tables. We have a fabulous range of Mirrored End Tables, including 2 Drawer Side Tables, Round Lamp Tables, Small End Tables, Tall End Tables. Round End Tables, Rectangular End Tables. Whatever your style of the living room and requirement, we have a piece to suit every home style and setting. Shop online at CFS UK and Save Big!
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Antoinette Mirrored Telephone Table with Champagne Trim

Antoinette Mirrored Telephone Table with Champagne Trim

You Save: £117.03 (47%)
Honeycomb Mirrored 1 Drawer Side Table

Honeycomb Mirrored 1 Drawer Side Table

You Save: £67.05 (45%)
Elysee Mirrored Round Side Table with Champagne Trim

Elysee Mirrored Round Side Table with Champagne Trim

You Save: £137.27 (53%)
Alhambra French Aged Mirrored Side Table

Alhambra French Aged Mirrored Side Table

You Save: £91.26 (54%)

Mirrored End Tables

There is nothing like mirrored furniture(s) that can instantly lift the mood of a space! If you are on your way to transform your interiors, a mirrored side table is what you should start with. They are small, compact and a great way to begin experimenting with mirrored furniture. The best thing about installing a mirrored glass side table in your home is, you don’t need to look for an extra glamour quotient elsewhere. By cleverly arranging all other furniture around it, you can easily achieve a Hollywood inspired home. And for those who like to keep it simple, we have some tricks up our sleeves that will help you make the most of your side table while keeping the design aesthetics subtle. Keep reading...

A mirrored side table doesn’t take up a lot of space, instead creates the illusion of a bigger space due to the reflective mirrors. Now, isn’t that a great idea to make a small apartment look spacious? Also, mirrors have the magical power to make a dim corner come alive.

In addition to that, a side table is a great way to showcase your family photograph, books, magazines or even a table lamp that can illuminate cozy nooks of your home. All that and much more, makes a mirrored side table an ideal choice for your urban contemporary home. These side tables easily fit into any distinctive style of decor to give the space a posh look altogether.

Choice Furniture boasts of a wide range of stylish and super functional side tables , each born out of so much love and hard work, that you will fall in love with our collection. To throw a glimpse of what we are trying to say, take a look at our Vida Living Rosa end table. A simple four legged square side table that exudes so much opulence. The sides of the end table have geometric detailing and each shape holds a clear mirror. The height and width of the table is 55 cms that makes it a perfect accent for your living room sofa or even your master bed.

Remember in our previous article we talked about our Gallery Direct Black coffee table? We have a similar side table to match your coffee table. Our Gallery Direct Delray Black Mirrored Side Table can add royalty to any corner of your beautiful home. Jet black mirror and golden legs lend it a rich look. Place it near an embellished sofa and place a golden vase with some fresh flowers in it to enhance the beauty of the table. The table features a height of 55 cm and width of 58 cm.

Our love for Moroccan designs are not going to fizz out so soon and we sincerely believe that you too feel the same and hence we have mirrored glass side tables inspired by Moroccan architecture at your service. Our Morocco mirrored side table brings in a sense of old charm to your homes. Vintage designs on the side panels and each golden panel fitted with the finest quality mirror is what makes this furniture a stunning piece of beauty.

Not to forget the functionality this glass mirrored end table can provide, it can be used to display ‘n’ number of items and you can decorate it as per your taste and style. The side table has a height, width and diameter of 55, 60 and 60 cm respectively.

We believe that your mirrored side table living room should be able to complement the rest of the furniture. And hence we bring to you our Zariah Side Table - Gold Metal and Mirrored. This gold mirrored end table has a stunning round mirrored top and a hollow cylindrical body adorned with small circular mirrors with golden paneling. This trendy end table can be used for having your evening coffee and you can also store your magazines in the hollow cylindrical cavity. Intelligent, isn’t it? The end table has a height of 54 cm and width of 51 cm.

If you are looking for a round mirrored end table, then you can check out our Port Lamp table or our RV Astley range of side tables. Featuring a round table top, they are available as black mirrored end tables as well.

Material Used

We use high quality reflective clear mirrors to design our end tables. Each mirrored side table UK is made to complement your modern homes. The body of our end tables are made using engineered wood or metal and you can even get your end table custom made. For that you can visit our website to check out various styles available with us.

Styling tips

Mirrored side tables UK are such versatile pieces of furniture that they can be styles in multiple ways while retaining their functionality. Here are some tips for you:

  • Use your side table as a mirrored lamp table.You can also purchase a pair of side tables and place them on each side of your sofa. Style them with matching table lamps and flower vases to achieve a symmetrical look.
  • If you want to keep your side table clutter free then we suggest placing a simple figurine, for example, a Buddha statue to complete the look. This leaves ample space to place random things like magazines and coffee mugs, etc.
  • If your end table is a low lying one, we suggest placing a stack of books and a mini terrarium and some pebbles to complete the look.
  • Your end table can also be a place to showcase your family photographs. In case you style it that way, place it in a corner in such a way that the photographs can’t be knocked down easily.

Handling instructions

Mirrors need special care to ensure its longevity. Here is a list of instructions to help you clean your Mirrored Lamp Table effectively:

  • Keep the area surrounding your side table clutter free.
  • Mirrors aren’t scratch resistant; hence avoid dragging heavy metal objects on the surface.
  • Don’t strike the surface with a heavy object.
  • Keep your side table away from direct sunlight as over exposure makes the material brittle.
  • Always use a cleaner meant for mirrored surfaces.
  • Use a clean microfiber to clean your end table.
  • Make sure that the cloth you use doesn’t shed lint.
  • Don’t let water or any other liquid stagnate on the mirrored top. This might lead to tough stains that are hard to remove.
  • Always use a coaster while placing any eatables.