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Mirrored Hall Tables 37 Items

Declutter your living room with our fabulous selection of Mirrored Hall Tables from Choice Furniture Superstore. Our superb range of attractive and functional Hall Tables has a piece to match your existing living room decor. Explore our broad assortment which contains Mirrored Living Room Hall Tables in multiple styles, finishes, and materials. Whatever your style and requirement, our collection will surely meet your needs. Add a touch of extravagance to your living room interiors with our classy Mirrored Hall Tables. Take a look at our marvelous range of Hall Tables to find the perfect one at the most competitive prices.
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Angleton Aged Mirrored Console Table - 2 Drawer

Angleton Aged Mirrored Console Table - 2 Drawer

You Save: £32.40 (8%)
Florence Mirrored Console Table

Florence Mirrored Console Table

You Save: £16.16 (8%)
Pattington Mirrored Console Table

Pattington Mirrored Console Table

You Save: £15.12 (7%)
Cutler 2 Drawer Mirrored Console Table

Mirrored Hall Tables

You have beautified your entire home but there is that empty wall in the hallway that is requesting for some extra attention. Wondering how you can beautify that space without overloading it with pictures and traditional artworks? Design gods swear by just one element that can amp up your home like no other- Mirrored console tables! Yes, you heard that right. A console table is the answer to creating unique vignettes and the best part about a console table? This piece of furniture is so versatile that it can be placed in any room, against an empty wall to amp up the look of the space.

At Choice Furniture, there is a plethora of mirrored hall tables you can choose from. All our console tables are designed to perfection and to lend your home a unique look and feel.

Console tables also have many design advantages. Here are some ways you can use a mirrored hallway table cleverly to your design advantage:

  • You can fix the console table against an empty wall or keep it free standing. Traditionally, mirrored glass console tableswere placed in the living area to create a decorative space. If you want to keep the traditional aesthetics alive, you can do so by placing your console table in the living room. Place a vase with some fresh flowers in it and a decorative mirror on the wall against which the table is placed to create a symmetry.
  • If you want to include a storage element to your mirrored console table, the best way to do so is by adding a basket to the console table. While a wicker basket is a great addition, you can also make a permanent storage space by auditing a mirrored basket to go with your mirrored hall console table.
  • If you have a small apartment or you are a bachelor living in a condo and don’t want to spend on a closet or a dressing table, a great way to add a minimal design element that serves both the purpose is a console table. You can place the table in your bedroom and hang a mirror on the wall adjacent to the table. This will act as a mini dressing area while giving the space a chic decor look.
  • A console table is a great option to display your family photographs or other artifacts as well. You can decorate the top anyway you like. If you are a plant lover, add lots of plants to give the space a fresher look.

At Choice Furniture, we have mirrored console tables to match any home style. If you have a contemporary home and love a slight touch of gold to your furniture, then our Gallery Direct Amberley Antique Aged Mirrored and Metal Console Table is perfect for you. Every inch of this console table spells elegance. Rectangular table top with clear glass and sides made of stained glass gives it a rustic look. The legs are slender and golden in color which makes this piece a stunning addition to your homes. The body is made out of high grade metal and the height of the furniture is 80cm and width is 120 cm which makes it ideal to be placed in an entryway or living space as well.

A slight variation to this clear glass console table is our Gallery Direct Delray Black Mirrored Console Table.The mirrored section is finished in classic black glass while the legs are done in rustic gold.

A height of 79cm and width of 117cm makes this mirrored console table UK ideal for your bedroom, living space or even your dining hall. You can place a pair of hanging lights to amplify the reflection of the black mirror.

Again, for the lovers of Moroccan architecture, we have console tables with Moroccan designs that are sure to steal your heart away. Take a look at our Morocco mirrored dressing table. This exquisite piece of furniture has a 5 drawer dressing table inbuilt. A frosted mirror quatrefoil design lends it a stylish look and feel. The beauty of the table? It can match any decor style from contemporary, traditional, modern to boho, effortlessly. The table features a width of 122cms and height of 78cms.

Did you know? Traditionally, mirrored hallway tables were shaped as half circles and were attached to walls using brackets, hence the name console table. We have given a modern twist to the traditional design and present to you our Urban Deco Antoinette Mirrored Half Moon Console Table. The entire table is finished in rose gold and the sides are made of tiny rectangular glass panels attached together to give it a grand look. Perfect for your entryway, you can hang a wall art or a mirror with an intricate frame to finish the look. This small mirrored hall table features a height of 80cm and width of 90 cm.

You can visit our online store and even get your mirrored console table customized to fit your home. Let’s get acquainted with the basic materials and some styling tips for your console table.

Material Used

The materials used making console tables at Choice Furniture are high quality glass. We also use stained glass and clear glass as per the design structure. The body of the mirrored hall tables are made of stainless steel and wood.

Styling tips

As mentioned above, one can style the mirrored hall table in ‘n’ number of ways. Here are some tips for you to style yours:

  • Balance is the key. Style your mirrored console table with books, candles and some greens to create a symmetry. You can also hand a wall art on the wall perpendicular to the table.
  • Keep it minimal. Place a tall vase with some fresh flowers and you are done.
  • Display family pictures. Arrange the frames in ascending order to create symmetry in the space.
  • If placing the mirrored glass console table in the entryway, place a decorative mirror on the wall and a decorative statue on the table to complete the look.
  • You can also experiment with distressed decor accents like vase, small chest or figurines to lend an offbeat look.

The sky's the limit when it comes to decorating your mirrored console table. Experiment with different styles and mood to create a space that has a personal touch to it.

Handling instructions

Mirrored console tables are highly delicate furniture that require much care and attention. Here are some tips to take care of your mirrored table:

  • Place your console table away from direct sunlight as over exposure to sunlight causes the mirror to become brittle.
  • Don’t place any heavy object on the mirrored top.
  • Don’t drag any object along the mirrored table to prevent scratches.
  • While cleaning using a commercial cleaner, don’t spray directly on the mirrored surface. Use a clean piece of cloth to wipe off the dirt.
  • Use a microfiber cloth that doesn’t shed any lint.
  • Avoid hitting the mirrored surface with heavy metal.
  • Clean the mirrored console table with drawers regularly to avoid accumulation of dust on the surface.