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Mirrored Furniture

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Looking for awesome Mirrored Furniture? Take a look at our stunning selection of Mirrored Furniture rich in design and best in durability at Choice Furniture Superstore. Mirrored Furniture Sets are essentials of any home. Here at CFS UK, we bring to you some of the best excellently crafted and hand-picked pieces of Mirrored Furniture that are timeless, durable and sturdy.

As one of the UK’s popular Stockists of the CFS Mirrored Furniture, we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance-free mirrored furniture including Mirrored Bedroom Furniture, Mirrored Dining Room Furniture, Mirrored Living Room Furniture and more. Browse through our extensive range of Mirrored Furniture to find the furniture items that perfectly match with your aesthetic beauty sense and your home interiors. Shop online at CFS UK and Save Big!

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of all?” Almost all of us are familiar with this phrase. But long before Disney introduced us to the world of magical mirrors, the first mirrors were developed in the 6000 century B.C by the Turkish community. And since then, mirrors have become an indispensable part of every household. But did you know? Mirrors not only reflect our true self but they also play a very interesting role when it comes to home decor?

Yes and the first usage of mirrored furniture in home decor were in 17th century Europe. Opulent pieces of furniture crafted with the finest quality mirrors were made for the royal people and very soon this furniture became synonymous with sophistication and richness. Eventually, the craftsmanship spread far and wide and mirrored furniture became a raging trend.

Today, mirrored furniture is back in all their glory and at Choice Furniture; we have the choicest collection of mirrored furniture UK online to take your breath away! From elegant end tables to exquisite bedroom furniture, we have a piece for everyone. Come shop with us because we also have mirrored furniture for sale just for you.

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Our mirrored furniture for bedroom ranges from mirrored bedside cabinet to mirrored wardrobe complemented with exclusive mirrored chest of drawers and mirrored dressing table. Are you looking for the perfect bedside cabinet to place your night lamp and magazines? Then look no further. Our exquisite designs of mirrored tables would blend seamlessly with any décor.

Each mirrored bedside cabinet is designed to provide you ample storage space for your knick-knacks. Our mirrored wardrobes will not only fill your space with ample light but owing to the reflective quality of mirrors, will make even small rooms seem spacious and well lit. Perfect for small bedrooms, they can also serve as your dressing mirror. Similarly, our mirrored chest of drawers and mirrored dressing tables are perfect pieces that spell opulence and elegance. Give your bedroom a midcentury modern makeover with our mirrored furniture UK today!

Mirrored Dining Room Furniture

Dining space holds a very special place in everyone’s home. The warmest meals and deepest conversations are had here, memories are made and stories shared. We understand the importance of a well-crafted dining room furniture and hence bring to you mirrored dining room furniture that will surely get your guests talking! Take a sneak peek at our mirrored furniture online collection and prepared to be awed. Sideboards are just so versatile that they can pass for creative decor pieces just as they are, yet boast of great functionality. Use them as a serving table for desserts or to store your precious crockery and lo and behold, when needed can be transformed into a bar cabinet! Check out our Vida Living mirrored large sideboard. At a height of 90 cms and width of 130 cms, it is a perfect accent for your dining table. Spotless mirror finish makes this mirrored furniture nothing less than a statement piece!

Mirrored Living Room Furniture

Next on our collection of mirrored furniture UK is mirrored living room furniture. The insane number of choices will make you crazy (we are not even joking!). Mirrored hall cabinets, roared TV unit, mirrored coffee tables, mirrored nest of tables and much more, our mirrored furniture online store has everything you ever need for a stylish home! Please note that our mirrored furniture for sale will have amazing offers mentioned alongside .

Styling Tips

Mirrored furniture is so elegant and grand by nature that they themselves are like pieces of adornment for your homes. However while styling them; you need to keep in mind a few things. Attention to little detail is very important.

Mirrored surfaces reflect everything and hence you need to make sure that you style it with less reflective decor pieces. Also keep in mind that mirrored surfaces are prone to scratches if mishandled, and hence placing a heavy metal object or objects that have uneven surface might cause damage to your mirrored furniture. Here are a few clever styling tips for you:

  • Use mirrored bedside tables or mirrored wardrobes to make a tiny space look bigger. Mirrors reflect light everything around and thereby makes a space look effortlessly big.
  • If you have a small dining room, you can use mirrored sideboards to make it look more spacious.
  • The latest addition to the home trend is the nest of tables and you can use mirrored nest of tables in your living room to make the space look more elegant.
  • Mirrored coffee tables are also super stylish and can be used cleverly as centerpieces in your living room.

Handling instructions

Mirrored furniture truly adds to the beauty of your homes. In addition to being environment friendly, they are inexpensive as well. They naturally add charm and elegance to any space. But as economical as they are, they need special care. Mirrored surfaces are prone to scratches and breakage and could prove to be very fragile. Following are a few tips which ensure your lovely furniture stays the way it is for very long.

  • Place your mirrored furniture in a way that it has ample room surrounding it. Placing it in a cluttered place can cause breakage or damage.
  • Keep heavy or sharp objects away from your furniture.
  • While cleaning, please use a clean dry cotton cloth to wipe the surface.
  • Please avoid using any chemical surface cleaner.
  • Rather opt for a DIY homemade cleaner; take one part of vinegar and alcohol in ten parts of water. Now add to it only a few drops of any soft detergent. For a perfect shining mirrored surface spray the solution on the desired area and wipe it with a clean cloth, preferably the ones that don’t shed any lint. If your fabric is linting, opt drying out the surface with paper towels and wow..wait to get spell bound by the mirrored beauty.

Bring home a visual treat with our range of super stylish mirrored furniture and give your abode the classy look you always dreamt of. Browse our collection of furniture’s and upgrade your interior décor to the latest wave of trend.

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