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Coffee tables are a part of every household in the modern day scenario. You will find that a lot of everyday stuff such as newspapers, magazines, or TV remotes have become home to the coffee table. Very often the table is placed at the centre of the seating area and hence needs to be carefully chosen taking optimum utilization of space into consideration. We use strong wood or high-quality glass to construct these tables. They are very compatible, thereby blending easily with your living area furniture. If you are searching for versatility in contemporary coffee tables for your living room, check out what we have on offer!

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Coffee Table

A coffee table is the very soul and life of a living room. Placed usually at the center surrounded by sofas or any other seating arrangement, the coffee table does a lot more than just being an important accessory. From acting as a placement support for TV remote, coffee/tea mugs, magazines, decor pieces and knick knacks, the coffee table does it all. While a round coffee table is much suited for pretty much every home style, you can also opt for square or rectangular shaped coffee tables.

Ever wondered why a coffee table is called so? The name behind the term “coffee table” has a brief history. It all began in London circa 1652 when the London Coffee House came into existence. Until then, tea tables were more popular. However, the tea tables were quite high, reaching upto 27 inches in height. A need arose to construct shorter tables that could be used to rest cups and mugs in between sips and while sitting down around it. Hence came coffee tables into existence around the 17-18th century.

These tables were smaller in height as compared to tea tables, around 17-18 inches, and were much more convenient. Also, the name was changed to coffee table as coffee became a much more popular beverage than tea! Officially, the coffee table was given a definition only in 1938 as a “low wide table used before a sofa or couch”. Today, coffee tables have gained immense popularity due to their compact designs and usability. You can even buy a coffee table with storage to safely tuck away valuable things like your car keys, TV remote or precious home decor products when kids are around.

At choice furniture, we offer the widest range of coffee table designs. We have also displayed coffee tables for sale on our website. While the wide array of designs and styles might tempt you to make a purchase right now, you might want to consider a few things before.


Things to consider before buying a coffee table


A coffee table is the one single element that binds the entire living room together. It becomes the focal point around which the rest of the living room’s design aesthetics revolve. However, before investing in a coffee table, it is great to know a few things beforehand:

  • Functionality of the coffee table- The feeling of flinging your feet up in the air after a busy day to rest it on your coffee table is the best feeling in the world. But that is for a casual setting, whereas for a more sophisticated look, you might want to keep it aesthetic with selected decor pieces on display. So, are you going to be extensively using your coffee table for placing your morning cuppa, or your laptop when working from home or just going to be using it as a decorative centerpiece? It is very important to determine the functionality of your coffee table prior to buying one. A larger family with kids around needs a coffee table that is tough and is also safe for kids. Similarly, if you are a bachelor, you might want to look at coffee tables that serve multiple purposes.
  • Size of the coffee table- The next important aspect to consider is the size. The coffee table being the central element of the living room must be proportionate to the rest of the furniture. The general rule of thumb says the coffee table should be two thirds the size of your sofa. Usually the rectangular shaped coffee tables come in the size of 120 cm by 60 cm but these days coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to determine which size would suit your living room the best.
  • Shape of the coffee table- Earlier, coffee tables came in the most common shapes of round or rectangular. Today, even though round coffee tables are still quite famous, creativity has led people to design and opt for tables that have different shapes like hexagon, square, oval and even asymmetrical. The oblong and asymmetrical shaped coffee tables are more suited for a spacious living area while for rooms with space crunch, square or rectangular shape if the best. You also might consider avoiding square, rectangular or asymmetric shapes if you have kids at home.
  • Style of the coffee table- Are you a lover of all things modern? Or is minimal your way of living? Do you love an intimate cosy boho setting or are maximalist at heart? Asking these questions to yourself before investing in a coffee table is very important. Your home should be a reflection of you and each little element you choose determines your style.
  • Height of the coffee table- The height of the coffee table is the next important factor to consider before buying one. Generally, the height of the table is equal to or 2-3 cm higher than the size of the sofa cushions. You don’t want a coffee table that is too high as that wouldn’t serve the purpose of placing things on top of it and wouldn’t look aesthetic either. The ideal height should be around 40-45 cm.
  • Space around the coffee table- Another important aspect that many people tend to ignore is the clearance around the coffee table. Everyone sitting around the table must have access to a comfortable leg room. A space of around 35-40 cm is ideal. This is also important if you have kids around. Getting up and around it shouldn’t have to be cumbersome.
  • Material of the coffee table- Next is the material of a coffee table. There are so many different types of materials available in the market today and you can choose from the best to suit your needs. While wood is the most commonly available material in the market, coffee tables glass is the next popular choice. You can also choose a coffee table marble to give you living space more character. Many industrial style home designs today also implement. Reclaimed wood coffee tables. However, if you have kids around the house, you need to be careful of the material you choose as glass can easily break and marble needs extra care and attention.
  • Color of the coffee table- Another factor we tend to ignore is the color of the coffee table. The coffee table should seamlessly blend in and complement the decor and paint of your living room wall. If you plan on purchasing a wooden table, you can opt for different kinds of wood like coffee table oak, or mango and teak wood. And if you are planning to purchase a lacquered one, consider the various color options to suit your needs. A coffee table white mostly sits well with any decor style.
  • Sturdiness of the coffee table- Coffee tables come in all different weights and sizes. If you want to invest in a table that lasts for years, go for a large coffee table which is also sturdy. You may want to invest in a good quality wood. While glass tables are fashionable, they are less sturdier as compared to its wooden or marble counterparts. People today even go for leather upholstered coffee tables but then again they aren’t scratch resistant.
  • Budget- Last but not the least is the budget of the coffee table. Coffee tables come in all different prices but finding the one that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket is necessary. At Choice Furniture, you can browse through a large selection of coffee tables designed to suit every budget category.


Different types of coffee tables


Purchasing a coffee table might seem like a cakewalk to you. All you need to do is walk into  a store, choose the coffee table and walk home with a brand new piece of furniture. But selecting the best coffee table from so many is not an easy task. Also, until you have proper knowledge about the different types of coffee tables, you can’t make an informed decision about the piece you want to take home. At Choice Furniture, we have the widest range of coffee tables for you to choose from. But before that, here is a list of different types of coffee tables:


1. Coffee tables based on decor styles


Every home has a distinctive decor style, be it modern, contemporary, mid-century modern or boho. Hence it is essential to choose your coffee table according to the decor style of your house. Depending on various home decor styles, here are different types of coffee tables:

  • Traditional- Traditional coffee tables are more ornate in nature and are thought of as formal furniture pieces. Each piece of traditional furniture tells the story of a bygone era and makes for a tasteful living space decor. Mostly traditional coffee tables are made of very good quality wood, have curved leg designs and inlaid tops. Take a look at our Hudson Living Mustique 2 Drawer Coffee Table. This French colonial style coffee table is perfect for an elegant living room setup. With a width of 130 cm, diameter of 65 cm and height of 51 cm, this is a must have coffee table with storage.
  • Contemporary- Contemporary style of decor is all the rage these days and why not? This kind of style reflects the “current” trend and can be easily updated with changing trends. A contemporary coffee table usually has a glass table top or metal legs and features bold accents. Coffee tables glass are popular as they reflect a lot of natural light. Take a look at our Urban Deco Prism Coffee Table . This coffee table is the perfect match for a contemporary home. The table top is made up of high quality square shaped glass and the legs are made of stainless steel that have been given a lush coat of rose gold paint. The dimensions are 100 cm x 100 cm x 40 cm which is a great size to be accomodated in a mid-sized to spacious living room.
  • Industrial- The term industrial has been directly referenced to industries where the interiors have a raw and exposed appeal. Industrial style coffee tables are more rustic in appeal. They are usually made of weathered, reclaimed wood or beaten iron and metal. At Choice Furniture we have the best collection of industrial style furniture. The Indian Hub Coastal Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table for example, is a stunning piece of furniture made of reclaimed wood. It has a rectangular table top and wrought iron legs. The width, diameter and height of 110 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm makes it perfect for a long living room or even a compact one. Another classic piece of coffee table depicting industrial style is our Gallery Direct Hadston Antique Gold Coffee Table.
  • Rustic- As the name suggests, coffee table rustic are made specifically of weathered wood with an uneven finish. The emphasis is on natural wood or metal rather than working on it and giving it a polished look. Our Indian Hub Coastal Reclaimed Wood Drum Coffee Table is a rustic coffee table that, needless to say, will steal all your guest’s attention! Made from 100% reclaimed wood and coats of distressed painting, this round coffee table has metal legs. A width of 70 cm, diameter of 70 cm and height of 35 cm makes it great for a small apartment.
  • Country- Also known as cottage style of decor, country or cottage style furnitures feature a more feminine side with curved legs and intricate detailing. Take a look at our Calais Grey Washed Coffee Table. This simple yet sophisticated coffee table is a show stealer. Made of pure mango wood that is both sturdy and has an excellent wood tone, this coffee table will require fewer accents to make it stand out. The table has a width of 110 cm, length of 60 cm and height of 45 cm.

  • Mid-century modern- This style of furniture blends both 1950’s - 1960’s and modern style of architecture. Mid-century modern coffee tables are characterized by clean, simple and bold lines. Our Gallery Direct Carbury Dark Lacquer Grey Coffee Table is a mid-century modern style coffee table made of lacquered wood top and metal legs.


2. Coffee tables based on features


Now that you have seen coffee tables based on different styles, let us take a look at coffee tables based on different features like storage, upholstery and movement.

  • Storage- the first feature is coffee tables with drawers or storage space. Ideally coffee tables come without storage but if you prefer a spacious table that also serves the purpose of storing away knick knacks like TV remote, keys, magazines etc, you can go for a coffee table with storage. Our Country Oak Storage Coffee Table is style mixed with utility. Made of solid oak, this fully wooden coffee table has 2 drawers and one shelf. Standing at a height of 51 cm the width of the table is 109 cm and length being 60 cm.
  • Nested- Instead of opting for a single coffee table you can also purchase coffee tables nest. Ideally, nest of tables come in a set of two or more, each table comfortably fitting under the largest table. This way, you can put away the extra tables that are no longer needed or pull them out when you have extra guests at home. Looking for the perfect nest of tables for your living room? Our Hudson Living Douglas Nest of 2 Coffee Table is a stunning two piece nest of tables that is hard to miss. The tables feature round table tops made of weathered timber and metal legs. The smaller table has a diameter of 55 cm and a height of 45.5 cm whereas the larger of the two has a diameter of 75 cm and height of 55 cm.
  • Upholstery- Opting for an upholstered coffee table is great for a house with kids around. Upholstery minimizes the risk of getting hurt or bumps and is safe to handle as well.
  • Mirrored- Yet another popular style of coffee tables is mirrored coffee tables. Mirrored coffee tables give the illusion of a larger space as they reflect all the light that enters your living space. A stunning mirrored coffee table at Choice Furniture is our Gallery Direct Amberley Antique Aged Mirrored and Metal Coffee Table. This coffee table has a rustic aged black mirrored finish and comes with 2 drawers. Complementing the table top are metal legs in royal gold.


Why Choice Furniture


Choice Furniture is the number one choice for furniture in all of the UK. With a huge variety and collection of coffee tables, everyone can find a piece for their home here. Our website also features all the collections so you can virtually screen and select a coffee table that will suit your requirement. Why Choice Furniture you ask? It is because of the multiple filters and details we provide that makes the task of online shopping much easier. We also have coffee tables from all your favourite brands, all at one place. Here are some of the features that makes Choice Furniture the most loved furniture brand in UK:

  • Multiple brands
  • Multiple filters to choose from like type, material, features, shape, assembly etc,
  • Full description of the products on display
  • Great discounts. You can avail coffee table sale on your website.
  • Product quality
  • Largest collection in UK
  • Easy and hassle free delivery

Materials used

Materials used making our coffee tables range from mango wood, mahogany wood, teak wood and reclaimed wood to high quality mirrors and marbles. Some of our coffee tables also feature lacquered table tops. The bottoms are made of wood and metal. All the materials used in making our coffee tables are of the highest quality, which is reflected in the stunning designs and a flawless finish.

Styling Tips

Now that you have zeroed in on the coffee table you want to bring home, the next important aspect is knowing how to style it perfectly. Depending on the type of coffee table you have or will buy, there are a few styling mandates that will make your coffee table decor stand out in the living room.

  • Balance is the key- Placing your coffee table in a way that it balances out the space is the most important step. Also important is to place accents of decor pieces on top of your table in a way that both sides of the table are balanced well.
  • Follow the rule of three- While placing decor objects on your coffee table, if you are confused as to how many you should use, use the rule of three. Place any three objects spaced well apart from each other and that does the trick!
  • Form a grid- when styling oversized coffee tables; try to place the sofa around it in such a way that you are able to form a grid. It works specifically well for square shaped coffee tables.
  • Match the cushions- To make your coffee table stand out; try matching the cushions with some of the decor elements on the table.
  • Change cushions and throws seasonally- A great way to keep your living space looking fresh all year round is to keep changing the decor elements. For example, you can place some fresh flowers during spring and replace the same with candles and books during autumn.
  • Use plants- Plants are a great and inexpensive way to amp up your coffee table decor. Use fresh greens for a fresh look. You can also place pots on top of stacked books and other decor pieces to create a balanced look.
  • Add trays and candles- These two decor elements never go out of style. You can create a dedicated mess free corner on your coffee table using trays to display greens, remotes and whatever decor item you are using. Similarly, candles. They give off a warm vibe to the living space.
  • Leave out some space for the actual use- The real purpose of a coffee table is to be able to place your cuppa. Always leave around some practical space for doing that while styling your coffee table.
  • Style according to the house- Styling your coffee table in accordance with the rest of the house is very very important. For example, for a boho vibed home, you can use coffee tables with rattan table tops or wooden ones and place a comfy rug underneath it. Use greens to decorate your coffee table. Throw some pillows around to complete the look.


Handling instructions


You have finally purchased the coffee table of your dreams and have also styled it accordingly. So, now what’s next? Caring for it ofcourse! If you thought a clean cloth and a commercial cleaner will do the trick, think again. Different coffee tables have different care needs. Here are some tips to help you take care of your coffee table:

  • Keep the surface clean, always- This will automatically increase the life of the coffee table and keep it looking new for years. For glass table tops, always use a microfiber cloth and distilled water or a mild soapy water to clean off the surface. For wooden table tops, use a lint-free cloth to clean the surface.
  • Always use a placement mat- While placing your hot cup of coffee or tea, always use a placement mat. This avoids the surface getting stained or scratched.
  • Don't let the watermark sit for long- Wipe off any liquid that accidentally spills on the table surface with a clean cloth.
  • Don’t hit the surface with sharp or hard metals or objects.
  • Don’t drag any heavy objects on your table tops.