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Recliner Chair 389 Items

Reclining chairs are the best way to de-stress. We offer a wide range of recliner chairs for you to choose from to give you greater relaxation. We\'ve designed these chairs keeping in mind different body weights and types to give your body maximum support. These chairs come with a comfortable headrest to provide additional support. They are easily manoeuvrable and make effective use of your space. Indulge yourself to spend a leisurely time with our amazing recliner furniture. Recliner chairs are the next new thing on the block. So, make sure you grab one of these to give your living room a modern appeal. It\'ll definitely be a great investment for you and your family. Experience comfort at its best!

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Farnham Tan Leather Recliner Armchair

Recliner Chair

When we speak of indulgent chairs, the recliner chair rules them all. Since long the recliner chairs have been associated with supreme comfort, convenience, maximum posture support and true luxury. With plush looks and great functionality, Recliner chairs in UK are extremely popular in homes as well as offices. From the first reference to reclining furniture “stool” that belonged to Queen Elizabeth I, recliner chairs have now advanced to a common household name. Today these chairs are preferred by all generations. Recliner chair for elderly people are deemed more comfortable than couches or ordinary chairs, whereas recliners chairs with massage are considered suitable for individuals suffering from neck and back pain. Swivel recliner and recliner chair for kids are fast replacing rocking chair in nursery. The young generation also loves to veg out and play their favorite games nestled in their comfy recliner chair for gaming.

Undoubtedly today the recliner chairs have become synonymous with relaxation and comfort. This furniture piece has earned immense popularity owing to its several advantages:


Signature comfort:


Whether we talk about recliner chair for garden or recliner chair for office, nothing can surpass the comfort level of these chairs.


Postural control:


Recliner chairs are designed to provide postural control to entire human body. They ensure that no harm is caused to any part of your body structure, even if you sit in them for longer period. All the features of these recliner chairs are such that they never cause postural deterioration and are beneficial for the joints and muscles, in every way and enable optimum redistribution of the body weight to prevent spinal deformities. Recliner chair for elderly is an indispensable furniture item in a home with elderly family members.


Regulates blood flow:


The structure of these chairs ensures the blood circulation in the body becomes free and even.


Opens Diaphragm:


One hidden benefit of the chair is its impact on breathing. The chair is structured in a way to adjust body to open up the diaphragm and allow to breath with more ease.


Pain reliever:


Hectic work schedule throws health challenges to you in many forms that are difficult to control or avoid. These recliners help you ease the pain in joints and reduce pressure in muscles. The neck rest minimizes neck pain, if you are suffering from chronic stiffness or pain in the neck region. You can consider buying a Recliner chair with massage if you or any of your family members is suffering from back pain, leg or neck ache.

Today the markets are flooded with a huge variety of recliner chair for sale, making it difficult to select the model prefect in aesthetics as well as functionality.

Essentially the finest reclining chair for sale are those that offer great comfort, perfect posture support and are easy to operate. But, with a plethora of designs available it is tedious to find the one which ticks all the right boxes. To help you make the right selection Choice Furniture Store has curated a collection of handpicked models which are bound to meet all parameters of perfection. From the comfortable recliner chair for office to the recliner chair for lazy boy, CFS has you covered for all. The store also offers an extensive collection of recliner chair for outdoors, especially recliner chair for garden, that lets you in the lap of Mother Nature yet with great comfort.

Another noteworthy model is the recliner chair with foot stool. After a hectic day at work nothing works better than retiring in your reclining chair with a comfy stool to support your legs and relax your calves and back muscles. Technically the recliner chairs in UK can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Swivel recliner chair
    While reclining on its back, this chair allows you to swivel to right or left, as preferred or needed. People in work place or who need to be in regular meetings prefer this type of recliner.
  • Swivel recliner chair with footstool
    It comes with the same features of swiveling and with a footstool to give additional comfort of stretching legs on it for maximum relaxation.
  • Lift and tilt recliner chair
    This chair with the option of lift mechanism gives the occupant the advantage of coming to the standing position. It is the best suited recliner for those who have difficulty getting out of deeper sitting position of other recliners

Material and colors

There is a wide range of collection for you to choose from. They come in different materials like fabric, faux leather, leather and the like. The most popular models are recliner chairs in leather and luxuriously upholstered recliner chairs in fabric. When we speak of colors, black recliner chairs are the most popular ones to be closely followed by recliner chairs in grey.

Styling Tips

Though the recliner chairs in UK are style statement in themselves, yet to accentuate the oomph factor you can style your comfy chair in the following ways:

  • Always select a chair blending seamlessly with the theme of your interior. Traditional or contemporary, the chair should enhance the aesthetics of the home and carry the same tone.
  • Try contrasting colors with the existing theme. Highlight a pastel interior with a bright color chair or vice versa.
  • The corner of the room is the best choice for your Recliner chair zero gravity as it fits well and agrees with the strategy of space management.

  • Enhance your outdoor space with a garden recliner chair and a big picnic umbrella, and enjoy the summer in shade, nestled in your comfy seat with a glass of lemonade in hand,
  • No other place can be better for a recliner chair than placing it in front of your fire place.


Maintenance tips:


Though the recliner chair on sale at the CFS are best in functionality and longevity, yet following are a few tips to help maintain your favorite furniture piece better:

  • The first and foremost is to read the manufacturer’s guidelines on handling the recliner chairs.
  • Doubtlessly your recliner gathers dirt over a period of time whether leather of fabric or upholstered. They all need vacuum cleaning and dusting at regular intervals to keep them clean and tidy. You can also use a soft cloth to mop them.
  • Keep the leather ones away from direct Sun light and at a safe distance from any heat source.
  • You need to oil the bolts and steel frame to prevent from becoming stiff and to avoid chances of rusting, so that the reclining mechanism is maintained.