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High Gloss TV Unit 57 Items

A stand out amongst the most prevalent current trends for TV units is the use of High Gloss finishing TV Unit. Such chic-looking reflexive surfaces make a feeling of unparalleled extravagance and elegance and can fulfil even the most distrustful specialists of excellence. High gloss TV unit make a ultramodern incredible interior. The fundamental unmistakable element of glossy furniture is that its surface can`t stained by fingertips. Glossy furniture is made by expert specialists working with great apparatuses and materials. Just such approach makes it conceivable to ensure selective smoothness of covering. Our contemporary TV unit in high gloss black or white are a dazzlingly classy and very practical expansion to any contemporary interior and look essentially astounding in a family room or bedroom. One of the more thing that makes a high gloss TV unit such an awesome buy, is the capacity of its lacquered surface to reflect light, paying little heed to its shading. This is an important component for any furniture piece in the event that you plan to utilize it in little premises.
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High Gloss TV Unit

White high gloss TV unit is a piece of furniture that has become very popular nowadays. This stand is especially preferred by people who seek luxury and are fond of satin finishes. In majority of the modern interior design themes, high gloss and white color are used to a great extent. One of the reasons is that homes nowadays have become smaller due to the premium on urban space. White is a color that makes even a small space look bigger. At the same time, glossy surfaces reflect light and add to the spacious feeling. This is the reason that most interior designers are using glossy finishes across a range of furniture so that it creates a beautiful and cheery ambience.The best part is that glossy furniture is easy to clean because of the smooth surface. Many people opt for a corner white gloss TV unit because they want to make maximum usage of the available space. This unit while it is kept in a corner gives the appearance of an extended space.

White gloss will definitely add an enriching ambience and it will turn your living room or TV lounge into a bright and magnificent interior space.

Nowadays innovation has really taken wings and technology is soaring highs. Following this trend Choice Furniture has put on sale white gloss TV unit with LED lights. These LED lights are subtle and create a fairy land like appearance wherever they are kept. These lights act as embellishments on the TV stand and make sure that the glare of the TV does not affect your eyes at night.


Benefits of white high gloss living room furniture


As mentioned above, white high gloss furniture is easy to clean and creates a look of spaciousness. It is also bright and brings cheerfulness wherever it is placed. The best part is that white gloss furniture is in trend now and there are a number of designs on Choice Furniture Store which give you a wide range of selection.

White high gloss TV unit with LED lights blends seamlessly with nearly all colors. Of course black and white is the most impressive and classic contrasts, you need not stick to it. It is advisable to try contrasting is with other colors. One of the combinations that is popular in TV stands is a grey and white gloss TV unit. You can use your creativity and imagination in choosing the right contrast with white gloss. The brighter colors like red, yellow and even pink look good with white.

It is very easy to find matching furniture for your white gloss TV stand. In fact if you want the primary theme of the living room to be white then you need not look elsewhere because you will find everything on Choice Furniture Store.

Styling the White gloss TV unit

The best way to give more style to your white gloss TV unit is to contrast it with other colors. The colors that make a good combination with white apart from the ones mentioned above are dark green and dark blue. Here you need to keep in mind that although the combination of white with black and red looks good, too much contrast can look aggressive.

White high gloss can be embellished with LED lights which look amazing when turned on in the dark. Then there are diamante inserts which also look excellent. However, these are the embellishments that they manufacturer provides. You can do your own bit too, by painting the wall behind the unit in the color that you want to match it with. If you choose a stand without LED lights then it will be a good idea to place lights above it or close to it in such a way that the white gloss reflects the light.

This is also a great way to style up your white gloss TV unit 120 cm or any other size. It does not matter whether your stand is large or small, you will be able to make it look better with some clever styling. Another way to make sure that the white gloss TV stand looks better, is to place a vase of fresh or dried flowers on it. You can also place small indoor plants or a transparent bowl filled with colorful pebbles or crystals. Of course here you need to bear in mind that the white gloss TV unit with LED or without it is meant for watching TV. Hence avoid creating a dramatic piece out of the unit. If you make the embellishments and decorations too overwhelming they will take the attention away from the TV screen and this should be avoided.

You need to make sure while buying the stand that its width is sufficient to leave room after you have placed your television set on it. Otherwise your options to decorate the stand will become very limited. You can conduct some research on the internet and find out different ways to decorate a 200 cm white gloss TV unit if you are buying a large one. This size of TV unit will provide sufficient opportunities to decorate it.




Make sure that you do not use any glass cleaners or furniture polish while cleaning the TV unit. These glass cleaners are corrosive and will cause the surface of the unit to become deformed. At the same time, the some furniture cleaner have silicone that will leave a greasy film on the surface. All that you need to clean the white gloss TV unit LED is to wipe it with a feather duster or soft microfiber cloth. If you need more thorough cleaning simply spray plain water on the surface and then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

You should remember that dust and other dirt looks worse on white and it is important to keep the surface of the unit clean. Even fingerprints become more visible and you can simply buff them away with a material which is available in the market by the name of e-cloth. This e-cloth is excellent for cleaning white high gloss surfaces including your TV unit.