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White/ Off White TV Units 85 Items

Glorious and Sturdy White TV Units The exclusive collection of White TV units here has the best amalgamation of style, functionality and reliability. The TV units and cabinets have been crafted in their superb aesthetic form from pure solid hardwoods like Oak and Walnut. They also use quality metals and alloys like chrome and brass in their body and handles and include grommets for cable management. The antique and distressed white paint finish of the Mark Webster Painted Geo media units add magnificent charm and eloquent peace to your living room and bedroom. The contemporary style furniture has 3 wide drawers for storing every multimedia. The chic Baumhaus Hampton Corner television unit is a superb décor for the unoccupied room corners. Crafted from solid Ash, the furniture offers a crisp, fresh and resilient finish. The elegant and sophisticated Ametis Whitehaven painted TV unit offers contemporary looks. The distress white painted furniture uses solid Mahogany in its built. The French inspired Hill Interiors Pavilion White television cabinet is a timeless craft that suits all home decor styles. Also, find here the White TV cabinet range from TradeFair international, that has traditional styling and antique metal handles. The sensational Gillmore Space Glacier gloss white media sideboards can well equip any space with best of media storage capability. These stunning designs have gloss white lacquer, premium metal legs and offer best-in-class looks and décor. The retro and urban homes can find a range of stylish and chic TV sideboards and cabinets from renowned brand Gillmore Space. The furniture uses high quality metals and woods. Browse through to find other sensational furniture from Alphason Designs and Vida Living among others. Rest assured to find the right piece here. The exhaustive range is full of immaculate TV cabinets that have the best blend of style and functionality. The wide range of shelves and cabinets provide for superior storage capability.
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Roseland White High Gloss Wall Entertainment Unit

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Cisco White TV Stand

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White/ Off White TV Units


The best white TV unit for your home


With rapid advancement in technology, a television set is no longer a luxury as it was a few decades earlier. There have been great improvement in the quality of technology used in manufacturing the TV set and along with it the TV unit has also evolved. In modern times the TV unit is not just for stationing your television, but it also houses several gadgets like video games, DVDs and many more. Though available in a variety of colors and designs, the most preferred one is a White TV unit, as it blends seamlessly with every decor and style. At Choice Furniture store you will find a modern white TV stand for every interior theme.


How to choose a white TV unit


The size of the TV unit should be proportionate not only to the space available, but also to the size of the TV. Make sure that the TV unit is a few inches larger than the TV so that the sides of the TV don’t brush against the wall and get scratched. You also need to ensure that the television set and TV unit is not so big that it overwhelms the other furniture in the room. If your room is medium sized you should choose a small white TV unit.

In order to find the right size of the unit you should measure the television and the right alignment with your line of vision.

For this measure the height of the TV stand and make sure you measure the distance between the floor and your eyes when you sit on the sofa or the TV couch. This will give you the best TV watching experience and you should ensure that your eyes line up with the lower half of the TV screen.

The other question is where to place the TV unit in the room. Some people tend to place the TV in a corner of the room to make the optimum usage of the space that they have. For this you will need a white corner TV unit. While placing the TV stand you should make sure that the TV is at least one foot away from the nearest window. This will prevent the sunlight from causing a glare on the TV screen you should also make sure that the corner television unit is an inch or two away from the walls so that it doesn’t get scratches on it.


Benefits of white furniture


Not so long ago white was considered to be boring and also a color that gets dull easily. However, the modern trend is turning towards white because of the many benefits it offers. It creates visual space, which is why bathrooms are decorated in white as they are usually the smallest rooms in the home. This color imparts a clean, fresh feel which is why people are opting for white TV units UK along with other furniture. The white color reflects light and makes the interior space look larger than it is.

The other good factor about a white colored piece of furniture is that it will gel with almost the entire spectrum.

If you want a bold look then you should combine it with the popular contrast of black and white, or even red and white. On the other hand if you want a sober look then dark green and dark blue are good options. For the ones with a taste of subtle decor, match the white with pastel color upholstery and curtains.




The white TV units available at Choice Furniture Store, provide different options along with Wood and white TV units. The white TV units are also manufactured from polymers along with wood. These synthetic TV units have a great finish and they appear very appealing placed in any part of your home. The wood is treated with special chemicals and white washed so that it appears white. This procedure highlights the natural patterns in the wood and makes it even more prominent and visible. the natural pattern of wood makes the TV unit appear quite elegant and stylish. Oak is still the most popular wood when it comes to furniture in the UK and that is why there is a good selection of oak and white TV units available with Choice Furniture Store. As mentioned above white colored furniture has its own appeal and that is why people are nowadays choosing white TV units with lights.

These units are decorated with LED lights which are not only aesthetic but also functional. There is also a trend of combining white and other colors among which the grey and white TV unit is very popular. People who prefer a bold look opt for a Black and white TV unit. Corner white TV units are a great option if the living room is small. You can place this stand in a corner and make optimum use of the floor space available to you.

Styling the white TV unit

The white high gloss TV unit with led lights and other similar furniture is already great looking. All you have to do is make it sit in the right place in your living room and place some indoor plants on it. Even if the white finish of the TV unit is matte you can still decorate it in a manner that attracts attention. Then again you can also place books in the open shelves of the unit and create an interesting piece of decor. You can also place a clock, or flower vases on the unit which is the most popular method of decorating a television stand. Photo frames in contrasting colors can be kept on the white TV unit as they will remind you of good times spent with your family and friends, while you are having a good time watching TV.

There are many different interesting but sophisticated stickers available in the market and you can stick them on the front of the TV unit. On the wall behind the TV unit you can hang stylish shelves and racks or simply some kind of decorative items.




Despite of what people assume,It is very easy to maintain the white wood TV unit. The wood is already treated to be resistant to moisture and pests like termites. Then again there are the TV units available in synthetic bodies. These too are very easy to maintain and simple dusting and mopping with a damp cloth should do the job. The wood TV sets though will need to be touched up with white wash or white paint. A modern white TV unit is a great way to amp up the style of your home and also give you a good experience while watching TV.