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Mango Wood Console Table


The mango console table is used as a decorative used table that's used in the living room. These tables also intensify the overall home décor and the interior of your house. The other name for this table is the end table.

The console table is usually used in the living room either at the end of the hallway, foyer, or in the living room. These are the most versatile piece of furniture. They can also be used as a lamp table. These tables can be used anywhere house, there is no restriction on the usage of these tables. They are sleek and stand at the support of the wall, you also place them at the back of the sofa. These tables provide you with functionality and the use of mango wood gives it an aesthetic finish and they also stand as a style statement for your house.

Mango wood is known as hardwood due to its dense grains and beautiful looks. And it is strong and durable which makes it a perfect fit for the furniture. Due to the density of this wood, it doesn't wear out easily and can keep its high luster texture for many years. However, unlike other hardwood furniture, Mango wood is often seen as more affordable and sustainable. The natural color of this wood is mostly golden brown and some variations have a more yellow tint or feature black or pink streaks across its surface. This wood is often beautifully discolored due to 'splatting’, it’s a process where wood can change different colors as a result of a fungus. And the splatted wood contains streaks of color ranging from light beige to black. And it gives your furniture a look that is highly desired by artisans.

Set the right tone for the rest of your home with a beautiful Mango Wood Console Table. Our fantastic range of Solid Mango Wood Console Table comes in an array of different styles and sizes. Make sure to select the one that creates the striking entrance way. Discover small, narrow yet elegant designs in 1 Drawer, 2 Drawer options in Dark Mango Wood. Shop our collection of Mango Wood Console Table in a variety of styles and designs.