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Mango Wood Side Table


The mango wood side table is a lot more convenient than another table. The natural color of this wood makes it a perfect choice for the contemporary home décor.

The surface area of this table gives you extra space for keeping all your stuff like the remotes, keys, telephone, and other easy to reach items. The most appealing feature of a side table is that it is compact and occupies less floor space. These tables are created from highly durable materials like mango wood. And they are a perfect piece of furniture that can be added to any desired space in your house. An extra advantage of this table is that they have storage space in them. These tables are a lot in demand now as the demand for storage has increased too.


  • Wipe the surface of this table with a clean cotton cloth and don't rub the surface harshly.
  • Avoid using excess water for cleaning, instead, use a slightly wet cloth for cleaning. In case of water or another liquid spillage on the furniture will cause stain and will make it look lifeless and uninteresting. It is advisable to avoid excess water for cleaning the wood as it may cause significant stains and deterioration of the wood, but you can make use of a slightly moistened cloth for the complete cleaning process.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your mango wood furniture. Direct sunlight on the furniture will result in fading of the wood, for the furniture to look beautiful every day, therefore, make sure that you avoid almost anything that depreciates its overall looks.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and alcohol solutions for cleaning the surface of this table as it can be extremely dangerous for it. As it leaves, stains and it will also degrade the quality of the furniture with time.
  • Keep all your ammonia-containing product away from mango wood furniture as it tends to deteriorate the finish of this furniture.

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