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Leather Dining Chair 381 Items

Reliable And Stunning Range Of Leather Dining Chairs We bring to you a fantastic and charming range of leather dining chairs from the most desired world brands including Bentley Designs, Willis and Gambier, Serene Furnishings, Clemence Richard and Mark Harris among others. The ultimate leather dining chair range consists of elegant chairs that have been crafted elegantly from long lasting solid hardwoods like Oak and Walnut among others. Serene Furnishings brings to you here the Merton leather dining chairs with premium faux leather upholstery and solid and lasting walnut wood frame and legs. The Clemence Richard Oak dining chairs have been crafted in simple and contemporary design from solid and premium grade Oak. The Lauren canvas and leather Eiffel dining chair from Besp Oak has an eye catching and eye pleasing note and is a stunning addition to your dining or living room. You cannot miss the futuristic and modern design of Mark Harris Dining chairs on display here that have premium faux PU leather upholstery, a fashionable and contemporary design and reliable chrome legs. The elegant Mark Harris Puma leather dining chairs have a premium and fantastic cream coloured genuine PU leather upholstery and stand firmly on genuine and quality sold hardwood wooden legs.
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Leather Dining Chair

Be it at a chic restaurant, or at your home, food evokes all the emotions and brings together your loved ones in an everyday celebration of life. The aura of the dining space is beautified by your dining table where you indulge in soulful conversations or just loosen yourselves after a difficult day. To suit your comfort at the best, leather dining chairs impart an unmatched experience. Be it contemporary leather or ultra-modern leather dining chairs and table, delving into an enjoyable eating expedition every day is a crucial factor. Hence, Leather is a stylish and family friendly choice for your dining rooms or kitchens.

The most commonly used leather for chairs is usually semi-gloss, surface-colored smooth leather. It’s mostly cow hide, which has a very protective finish. The leather is convenient to clean and to take care of with adjustable signs of wear. The layer of color can vary in thickness.

If it's very thin, the leather is known as semi-aniline leather (also lightly pigmented napa leather). Also, given that the leather used for chairs is in direct contact with the skin, the warmer and softer feel is an important factor. When you aim at higher price ranges, the grain texture of the leather is usually natural while in lower price ranges, the leather is always sanded and embossed. This leads to less damage because poorer skins can be easily attacked by insects, diseases or other injuries. Quality leather dining chairs usually last as long as 25 years or more. Some people will keep it for 40 years! So it is overall a classic investment.

Let’s look at how to pick the most suitable leather chair for your dining table set.

  • Check for grains and any markings:  real and genuine leather contains natural markings and variations. Most aniline leather dining chair covers usually have prominent markings, scars or wrinkles. If the leather feels smooth and uniform, it is of lower quality or is fake.
  • Judge whether the leather is genuine: Begin with checking the back of the furniture to check if there’s a single piece of leather or various stitched together. The average size of a usable hide is usually 72 inches by 52 inches so if it’s larger than that, it could be fake.
  • Feel the texture of the leather: Higher quality leathers are usually softer and warmer when you touch it. Lower quality leathers will feel firmer and cooler when you touch them.
  • Smell the leather: Genuine high quality leather has a particularly distinctive appealing aroma. Fake and lower quality leathers have a very weird chemical smell.

You could rummage through a dynamic range of leather dining chairs at Choice furniture Superstore and make your ideal choice. The most picked ones are usually the grey leather dining chair or even the black leather dining chairs.  If you’re looking for an all leather sturdy chair for your dining table set, your perfect pick is our scroll back natural/rustic plain black leather dining chair, which is available in brown too. If you’re interested in more of a rustic outlook, we have the brown faux leather dining chairs to suit your household. It’s time you pick your favorite one and take it home.

Materials used

Materials that we use are premium quality semi-gloss and surface colored smooth leather for the seats and sometimes mahogany wood in case you wish to have wooden legs for the chair.

After having purchased a leather dining chair, let us view ways to style them.

Styling Tips

Leather furniture isn't just for traditional style. This classic has been revitalized as a trendy home addition, and here we share how to decorate with dark, light, and colorful leathers.

  • Traditional leather dining chairs are usually dark by nature so you could layer them with cream, pastel, or white pillows.
  • You could balance the visual weight of brown or black leather furnishings by creating colored walls and textiles. Natural elements such as fresh flowers and a driftwood lamp, look great with the leather's smooth grain.

  • You could also install hanging light frames on the top of your dining table to allow a cozy vibe to your dining area.
  • You could hang wall arts and gorgeous paintings on the wall opposite to your dining table to compliment the leather dining set.
  • You could also place a standing lampshade to add a warm tone to your dining space.

Now let’s take a look at some handling instructions to take better care of your leather dining chair set.


Handling instructions


Leather is one of the more durable, low-maintenance surfaces for home furnishings. Keeping your leather dining chair clean can be done in the following ways:

  • You’re recommended to dust your leather dining chairs with a dry cloth or preferably a vacuum cleaner.
  • If cleaning using soap, first wet the cloth with soap, clean it and then use another cloth soaked in distilled water to clean it. Finally use a dry towel to clean up.
  • Avoid saddle soap, detergents, oils, furniture polishes, abrasive materials and any cleaners which have any caustic ingredients.
  • In case of spills, remove from the surface as soon as possible to keep them from soaking in and forming a permanent stain.
  • If you wish to keep the leather soft and durable, after cleaning, apply a commercial leather conditioner.

You have your prerequisite ready to purchase a brand new set of leather dining chairs. Visit Choice of furniture Superstore today and explore a vivid array of furniture displays! Select the best to complement your interior decor and amp the style quotient of your home.