Rauch Furniture is a specialist brand from Germany manufacturing wardrobes and bedroom furniture. Rauch wardrobes can be bought as sliding wardrobes or hinged door wardrobes. Find below ranges of Rauch bedroom furniture and wardrobes including popular ranges such as Xtend Wardrobes, Imperial Sliding Door Wardrobes, Quadra & Milos Overbed Units. All Rauch ranges are on a 6-8 weeks delivery time & can be bought online with standard free door delivery all over UK*. Also available in assembly service for all Rauch Furniture, this is a paid service, please inquire with sales for more details.

Rauch Albero Extra

Rauch Amila Bedroom

Rauch Annecy Bedroom

Rauch Arles Bedroom

Rauch Avela Bedroom

Rauch Barcelona Bedroom

Rauch Beluga Base Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Beluga Plus Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Beta Wardrobes

Rauch Blitz Wardrobes

Rauch Bochum Wardrobes

Rauch Bremen Wardrobes

Rauch Calero Matching Pieces

Rauch Calvia Bedroom

Rauch Caria Wardrobes

Rauch Case Wardrobes

Rauch Celle Bedroom

Rauch Celle Extra Wardrobes

Rauch Chest Matching Pieces

Rauch Chroma Wardrobes

Rauch Colette Bedroom

Rauch Cologne Matching Pieces

Rauch Denia Bedroom

Rauch Dover Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Elan A Bedroom

Rauch Elan B Wardrobes

Rauch Elan C Bedroom

Rauch Elan D Bedroom

Rauch Elan E Bedroom

Rauch Elan H Bedroom

Rauch Elegant4you Bedroom

Rauch Ellwangen Wardrobes

Rauch Ferrand Bedroom

Rauch Focus Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Fresh Line Beds

Rauch Fresh Line Matching Pieces

Rauch Gotthard Matching Pieces

Rauch Gronau Wardrobes

Rauch Harvard Flirt Plus Bedroom

Rauch Heidelberg Wardrobes

Rauch Herne Bedroom

Rauch Imperial Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Iris Bedroom

Rauch Juwel Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Kent Wardrobes

Rauch Krefeld Wardrobes

Rauch Kreta Extra Overbed Units

Rauch Kreta Overbed Units

Rauch Leonberg Bedroom

Rauch Lilly Junior Furniture

Rauch Linea Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Lumos Wardrobes

Rauch Mavi Base Matching Pieces

Rauch Mavi Plus Matching Pieces

Rauch Milos Overbed Units

Rauch Molmo Matching Pieces

Rauch Molto Plus Beds

Rauch Molto Plus Matching Pieces

Rauch Nala Wardrobes

Rauch Narbonne Bedroom

Rauch Omega Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Paparo Wardrobes

Rauch Parla Bedroom

Rauch Perfora Bedroom

Rauch Plus 2 Beds

Rauch Plus 2 Matching Pieces

Rauch Quadra Bedroom

Rauch Quadra Extra Wardrobes

Rauch Quick4you Bedroom

Rauch Relation Bedroom

Rauch Relation Plus Bedroom

Rauch Samos Overbed Units

Rauch Sandrin Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Schwerin Bedroom

Rauch Simply4you Bedroom

Rauch Steffen Tegio Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Stella Sliding Wardrobes

Rauch Steffen Alando Wardrobes

Rauch Tammy Junior Furniture

Rauch Tira Bedroom

Rauch Torrent Bedroom

Rauch Valence Bedroom

Rauch Variabel Beds

Rauch Variabel Matching Pieces

Rauch Vereno Extra Matching Pieces

Rauch Vereno Matching Pieces

Rauch Xtend Wardrobes

Rauch Yumi Base Wardrobes

Rauch Zamoa Bedroom

Rauch Zoey Bedroom

Rauch Zurich Wardrobes