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Give your dining room that strikingly different look with our fine variety of dining room benches. We provide oak benches and storage benches in different colours to match your small or large dining tables. These benches are also available with comfortable backrests. Our benches can accommodate more people to dine on the table as compared to single dining chairs. These benches present a brilliant way of adding extra seating space without the need for purchasing additional chairs. So, if you are someone who regularly hosts lunch or dinner parties at home, our benches are the best seating solutions you can find.

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Dining Benches


Make your dining table settings versatile with bench seating


The aroma of delicious food, a lovely ambience and joyous exchanges between families settled around a dining table, your dining space is more than a room. This is the reason that you need to make your dining area comfortable, aesthetic and exclusive. Whether it is contemporary, traditional, rustic or Scandinavian interior theme, the star of dining room is the dining table. There are a host of styles blending seamlessly with your interior decor, yet delve in the latest trend in the market, the dining table benches and chairs assembly. If you have a taste for unusual and would like to experiment with the decor of the dining room then opt for dining table benches instead of chairs. This is a comparatively new trend and sets your dining space apart from the common dining decor styles.

You will not only get a chic looking dining room, but the dining room benches will surprise you with the benefits.

Surprisingly economical: whether wood dining benches or upholstered dining benches, the total cost would be lesser than the traditional dining chair pattern.

With dining benches your dining area will gain a strikingly new appearance. At choice furniture you can get a wide variety of benches which will suit every taste and preference. They also provide benches in different varieties of wood. Their innovative storage benches also take care of the knick knacks that you may want to keep in store. The dining room benches can be customized to suit large or small dining tables. Some benches are also available with back rests which makes them more comfortable. With these benches you can add extra seating space without having to buy more chairs. Hence if you are fond of hosting lunches and dinners at your home then it is a good idea to opt for dining benches with backs or without them. The best part is that you can play with your dining table arrangement, by placing some chairs and benches on opposite sides.

This will provide a great aesthetic appeal to your dining space. However, the dining table benches and chairs should not clash with each other and should create a sense of harmony around the dining table.


Different types of benches available with

Choice furniture


Sheesham is an Indian exotic wood which is very sturdy and will last a long time. The benches made of sheesham wood are usually a little decorative in their appearance. A little creativity in the form of curved and carved legs make these benches look elegant and stylish. Sheesham wood is becoming very popular in western countries due to the warm hue and also longevity. It is less likely to get spoilt very easily unlike some woods that are popularly used to make furniture

Then there is the humble Indian mango wood bench. Mango wood although inexpensive is very tough and can take a lot of wear and tear. Mango wood also requires very less maintenance except for a new coat of polish or paint once in a while. The mango benches are available in different sizes to suit your requirement. Even in the mango wood benches there is the choice of dark and light tones of colour. Of course when we talk about wooden furniture, how can we forget oak wood?

Still the most popular wood in western countries for furniture, oak wood is long lasting and very tough. However, you need to take care of the oak wood dining table benches and chairs so that it does not get spoilt by moisture or water being splashed on them. Make sure that you wipe off any liquid that falls on the oak wood dining bench immediately. You can conduct a little research online to understand how to take care of benches made of different woods.

The furniture designers of Choice furniture have given their imagination a free reign and while keeping their collection from being downright quirky they have played with different ideas.

For instance their Gallery direct Ferndale dining bench is a wooden plank on fiber glass legs. They also have a dining table to match this bench. This dining table and benches set will create an appearance of space which is advisable if you have a comparatively small dining space.

Not only fiber glass, dining benches are also made with steel or wrought iron legs. The best part is that these dining benches and table are painted grey so that they match the metallic base. This dining table set is very suitable for homes which have a minimalistic theme to their decor. They look smart and chic and are in a color that you will not usually find in too many dining rooms. They will make you stand apart from the crowd and help you to make your own style statement. Apart from wood, Choice furniture also offers faux leather dining table benches and chairs. Of course these are a little delicate, but with a little extra care they will last a long time.

Faux leather benches give you a lot of versatility because they can be used with a wide variety of dining tables. You can mix and match the styles – for instance use a metal base dining table with faux leather benches. Even glass dining tables will look very elegant with faux leather benches.

Some of the wood benches available with Choice furniture are painted in interesting combinations like ivory and brown. This adds a chic touch to your dining area, especially if such a combination gels with the rest of the dining room decor. Some of the benches even have a back rest which makes them more comfortable.

Styling Tips

One of the best ways to style dining benches is to place a few cushions on them. You can also place throw or cover on the benches which have a back rest. Another method is to place a runner rug beneath them so that guests get a soft surface to place their feet on. However, you need to make sure that these items match the style and color not only of the benches but also the rest of the dining room decor. It is a good idea to play with the seating arrangement by placing some chairs along with the benches around your dining table. Depending on the shape and size of the dining table you can do this very easily. It is always a good idea to have rectangular or square dining table if you are planning to place benches around it. However, some people cleverly arrange benches and chairs around an oval dining table as well.


Maintenance tips


Before you buy benches for your dining table make sure that you know what you are getting into. As mentioned above, the dining benches with faux leather and upholstery needs to be cleaned frequently. The fabric and faux leather should be first wiped dry then cleaned with product specific commercial cleaner.

On the other hand wood benches are sturdier, but they can also get scratched easily. Hence make sure that such mishaps do not occur. You also need to ensure that you get the benches polished or painted regularly. This will keep them looking like new as woods like oak, mango and sheesham are very tough.

If you want to clean the faux leather benches then you should simply wipe with a cotton cloth soaked in soap solution and then follow with clean water. The upholstered benches may require the hands of a professional so you will have to call them to clean the upholstery whenever it gets dirty. Wood dining benches are easy to clean with a wet cotton cloth. However, with all different kinds of materials, make sure that you wipe off spills immediately. This is because if they get stained then it can become very messy and difficult to clean them. In fact with wood benches you may have to get them polished or painted to hide the stain. Also you may have to replace the upholstery and faux leather covering if the spills are hot and damage them. Of course you need to be careful with all furniture but the furniture in the dining room is more susceptible to damage than any other part of the home.

Educate your kids properly about how to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the dining room benches. This will save you from a lot of trouble and keep your dining room looking sparkling clean. You can enjoy your meals in a wonderful setting and even your guests who come over for meals will praise your taste in dining room decor and most probably even emulate you and get dining benches for themselves.

Choice furniture has created quite a niche in the furniture business and apart from their three storied show room their furniture like dining benches are easily available online. Their staff is always ready to help you with a smile and you can take their help in choosing the furniture that matches your requirement.