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5 Door Wardrobes


Store your clothes in style and find a Wardrobe that gives you plenty of storage space. From Mirrored Wardrobes, Fitted Wardrobes, Sliding Wardrobes to Five Door Oak and Pine Wardrobes, you’re sure to find the perfect storage solution for your bedroom. From 5 Door Wardrobes with Mirror to White Wardrobes, Our collection includes everything that any modern and practical home style needs. Shop online at CFS and Save your money!

The 5 door wardrobe is spacious and looks elegant. They are mostly placed next to a wall as in fitted furniture. They add loft space to your room. They provide you with a lot of storage.

A wardrobe is standing furniture used for storing clothes. These wardrobes usually have drawers, mirrors, and other storage equipment used to store clothes and accessories. The growing influence of this furniture indicates that individuals possessed more clothes that made in the high demand for wardrobes making it one of the most important bedroom furniture. They are an important piece of furniture and a basic one at that. They keep your rooms clutter-free and provide you with storage that works for all your requirements.

The 5 doors provide you extra storage and complete the look of your room and tie it together, the extra space gives you more storage area and they are available in two different styles. But the most popular one is the sliding door for the 5 door option.

The two different styles of the wardrobe are:

Hinged Door Wardrobe: These wardrobes are used for a long time. This is a classic form of a wardrobe, that has a shutter or door that is attached to the closest with a strong hinge. The advantage of this wardrobe is that the doors can swing wide open outwardly at 90-degree to give a complete view of the closet. They offer the benefits of hanging slim accessories like sling bags, ties, scarves, and belts on the back of the door as they are installed with hooks.

Free-standing Wardrobe: These wardrobes are the perfect choice for a person who loves to re-decorate their house or the one who loves to shift furniture to experiment with a new interior. This wardrobe provides you with more space and they have extra space above it if you have a high ceiling, then this one is perfect for you. They help you make complete use of vertical space in your room and they are a good one to stick with if you don't have enough space in your room.