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Hall Table

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Decorate your home with our unique collection of modern and contemporary console tables to give your room a trendy look. They are made of wood or glass based on your requirements. These hall or console tables serve as the best option for you to place your lamps and other display items such as photo frames. We offer modern and contemporary console tables at very affordable prices without compromising on quality of the product. You can rest assured that a console table would be a good investment to create that style statement for your living room. Modern console tables are smartly designed to fit into not only for large but also small living room spaces. Come, tune your senses with our modern console creations!

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Hall Table


Add class to your hallway with the right console table


Hall Console tables can be placed in any decor theme, pairing with any style. From urban chic look to subtle traditional decor, console tables have become true accents for perfect interior furnishings. Theses slim hall tables largely serve the purpose of accentuating the aesthetics of a room. Usually placed at the entry way of the house, they look equally charming at the living room or bedroom as well. These artfully crafted narrow hall tables rest against any wall of the room and houses purely aesthetic items like vases, curios and the likes. At times you can also find a series of photo frames or ‘before you leave’ essentials, like keys on it. A hall console table is often underused and overlooked where it comes to the furniture in your home. However, it is a charming piece of furniture which actually adds spice to the décor of your home. The entryway is one of the premium corner of your home, bearing first look of every visitor.

This elegant piece is usually placed at the entry foyer to accentuate this special corner. At the Choice Furniture Store, you will find a wide variety of console tables. There are marble, steel and marble, steel and glass and many other combinations that will make the console tables look aesthetic and appealing. If you choose a console table from Choice Furniture Store it will amp up any space in your home where you wish to place them.

Let us look at how you should choose the right console table for your hall. The markets are flooded with a host of designs in hall table consoles. The type of table is dictated by the space available in your hall and you should choose one which blends into the available space.

A narrow hall table fitted into the wall is a great space saver. However, if you have more space then instead of a small hall table you should buy one which is a larger size and sturdy. Console tables are multi-purpose and very flexible. You need to figure out what you want to do with the table that you buy. For instance, you can also buy a storage hall table where you can keep many knick knacks that you don’t use often but require in the house. You can opt for contemporary, minimalistic, ornate or colourful. This furniture store has a wide variety of designs and styles.

You can place the slim hall table in the foyer which will act as an opening statement. A mirror placed on the wall behind the table will add a touch of sophistication. You can also use the table to display some dramatic piece of art. If you talk about utility then it is a great place to keep your keys and you can also place your umbrellas below the hall table with drawers.

A decorative and modern hall table can even be kept in the living room. Here you can create a vignette with curios and here you can use the console table as a side table. Another interesting way to decorate the table is to place a lamp on either side of the table for symmetry and balance. The space underneath the table can be used to display bric-a-brac or simply to keep your books.

If you place the console table in your bedroom you can use a mirror hall table combination for it to function as a dresser. It will be a stylish nightstand for reading lamp and books. You can place a wicker basket below the table and it will be a great way to store linen. Placed in the dining room it will function as a sideboard to place food and cutlery. It can also be used as a bar when you have guests. For the dining room you should choose a table with drawers or a shelf.




The single pedestal marble console tables displayed by Choice Furniture Store, are simple in their design and quite unobtrusive. This is especially true for the white and cream colors, while the black hall table will create some drama if it is placed in room with a white or colorful theme. The marble tables are available with a single base or with two legs supporting a marble top. Black hall tables are made of black marble and there is also a grey hall table with grey marble.

If you want extra chic then you can opt for the marble table tops supported by stainless steel bases which are in different shapes like round steel rings or abstract designs. The steel can be chrome, brown or bronze in color with different colored marble tops.

There is a half-moon hall table in the Antoinette style and it has small mirrors reflecting light which makes your hall space look lovely. An interesting design of the base is in the form of a maze created by stainless steel bars which is also available in different colors of steel. The marble top of these maze shaped bases are also available in different colors. Where some of the tables are staid and sober the others are equally dramatic and interesting. The choice of the tables depends on the theme of décor of the space where you plan to place them.

Apart from marble and steel, you can also get oak hall table, which is quite popular with people who want something traditional. The other varieties of wood used for making these console tables include sheesham and mango. These table look sober and sophisticated wherever you place them. There are console tables available in both light and dark wood and you can choose according to your preference and the decor of the space where you place them. Some wooden hall tables with drawers are quite multi-purpose in their functionality. There are hall tables with storage made of wood which are quite useful. They can be placed in any part of your home and they are quite simple and unobtrusive in their design and color.

Apart from the square and rectangular designs there are also the tables which have interesting shapes like half-moon. Of course the steel and marble and steel and glass tables are also popular with the people who prefer a minimalistic décor. Such a modern hall table will amp up the style in whichever space you place them.

The glass hall tables also have a base of black metal which looks like wrought iron. Some of the metal based tables are quite innovative with space at the bottom to place decorative knick knacks or even books. Then again there are the hall tables available with matching mirrors to be hung on the wall behind them. These look really classy and add the extra chic to your hallway space.


Trendy or classic


Although a hall table is a comparatively small piece of furniture compared to some other furniture available for your home. However, it is bought with your hard earned money and you should ensure that it lasts for a long time. The best part of the hall tables available with Choice Furniture Store is that they sell both modern hall tables with trendy designs along with classic designs. Hence you have the choice of buying any one of them. All the furniture including hall tables provided by this store is sturdy and long lasting. The oak hall tables are treated to with stand moisture and termites. This is the reason that they last a long time even if you have to be careful that the table does not get scratches or blotches on them. Then again the glass tables are also made of tough glass which is resistant to scratches and other damage.

Marble of course is a tough stone and will naturally last a long time, without much maintenance. However, it is understandable if you wish to change the décor of your home after a few years. In this case you can opt for the ultra-trendy design which will last for a few years. However, if you are the type who does not want to change the comfortable feeling of your home then you should opt for a classic design. The decision is completely yours and there are enough hall tables to suit your requirement with Choice Furniture Store.

Choice Furniture Store sells only the best of furniture and there is no compromise on quality. All the furniture available with us is manufactured to last a long time. We also make sure that the cost of each piece of furniture is reasonable so that it doesn’t dig a big hole in your pocket. We have furniture to suit all kinds of budgets, tastes, utility and requirement.

On the other hand, we also provide extra benefits by offering discounts on the furniture from time to time. Another time to grab a great looking hall table for a minimal cost is when we have our clearance sales. Due to the fact that we buy in bulk we are able to get the furniture pieces at a very low rate. We save a lot of money this way and we are happy to pass on this benefit to our customers.

We have created quite a reputation for ourselves in the furniture business and now Choice Furniture Store is a name well-known in the UK. We have our loyal customers who are ready to vouch for us and they are our best brand ambassadors. We are growing every day and so is our customer base.

Styling the hall tables

Everyone wants their home to look stylish, elegant and classy. Contemporary or traditional our are designed in such a manner that you don’t have to do much to enhance their beauty. However, you most definitely would like to add your own personal touch to the piece of furniture making it a reflection of your taste. Adding personal touches to the décor of your home also makes you feel more at peace and gives your home a lived in feeling. One method of styling the hall tables is to place mirrors strategically on the wall behind the table. You can use beautiful carved or metallic frames as per the design of the hall table console. A rustic hall table would look good with a mirror set in a country frame whereas a minimalistic contemporary glass hall table would look perfect with a setting of plain beveled mirror.

You can also take the simple route and place a vase of fresh or dried flowers on the table. Another way of styling a hall table is to place a well-designed figurine on it or a painting just behind it on the wall. Here you need to bear in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard and pile up art pieces or other decorative items. The idea is to create an interest in the onlooker so keep it simple, because you also want the table to be appreciated for its own beauty.




Like all furniture, the hall table also needs maintenance. However, the tables sold by Choice are designed in such a way that they don’t need much looking after. The usual dusting is enough to keep them dust free. Of course when it comes to wood then there is the question of scratches on the table surface, hence you should ensure that you don’t drag objects across the surface. An oak hall table or any other wooden table will require a touch of polish or paint from time to time. When it comes to the polish on the steel bases, you need to be careful not to use any harsh chemicals to clean them. A slightly damp cotton cloth or a regular duster is enough to remove the dust on them.

Glass hall table can be fragile and should be handled with care. Marble is a h3 stone, but it is still a good idea to be a little careful with it and not let scratches mar the appearance. Here again it is enough to clean the marble surface with a damp cloth. Make sure that you avoid the table tops from getting blotches due to spills of any kind. This is especially true of the tables that you use in the dining room. It is also necessary to take special care of the hall tables if you have kids or pets in the house. Make sure that you buy a sturdy and hassle free design so that it does not get damaged due to the playful antics of your kids or pets.

A hall console table has become a panache statement in any interior décor theme. So visit CFS and select the table blending perfectly with your home and enhance your style quotient today,