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Mirrored Dining Table


Mirrored furniture(s) have been used in home decor since centuries now. Especially owing to the rich look they impart, people have been using mirrored furniture to give their homes a classy appeal. Mirrored furniture have actually stood the test of time and are not fading away soon. But, when we talk of mirrored furniture, what comes to your mind? Maybe bedroom furniture like the dressing table or console table right? You would be pleased to know that a mirror is such a versatile design element that you can even use it in your dining room furniture, like a mirrored dining table. Read on to find out more

Before we explore the various mirrored dining table sets at Choice Furniture, here are some advantages of mirrored furnitures that make them so famous:

  • The first and foremost advantage is its economy. Mirrors are much cheaper than their wooden or stainless steel counterparts and hence are more popular. Needless to say, mirrored furniture are a great way to add elegance to your space without shelling thousands from your pocket.
  • Mirrors reflect light and when natural light is reflected, it makes the space seem bigger and brighter.
  • Mirrored furniture brings sophistication and glamour to any dull space.
  • Cleaning and maintaining a mirrored furniture is quite easy. You only need a clean cloth and a commercial cleaner meant for mirrored furniture to get going.

So, have you already made up your mind to invest in a mirrored furniture? Before you do, consider the following aspects:

  • Is your home spacious enough to house a mirrored furniture? As keeping a mirrored furniture in a small cluttered space can lead to minor accidents.
  • Do you have kids? In case you have small kids, you might want to consider keeping the mirrored furniture out of their reach or better still, protect the furniture with some covering.
  • The same goes for pets in the house.
  • Is your home decor suitable for a mirrored furniture?
  • Is the mirrored furniture within your budget?

Now that you know the important points to keep in mind before investing in a mirrored furniture, let us look at the beautiful dining table sets available at Choice Furniture that will instantly uplift your house.

Bringing in an impeccable style and design is our Morocco Mirrored Dining Table. This 180 cm by 100 cm long dining table is what you call elegance teamed with the perfect dose of simplicity. This Morocco Mirrored Dining Table featuring a striking quatrefoil design trimmed in antique gold, mirrored panels and sturdy mirrored pillar legs. This dining table can sit 6 people comfortably. You can add chairs with velvet upholstery to complement the entire look of the dining table.

Next in our list is the Vida Living Rosa Mirrored Dining Table that is nothing less than a stunning piece of furniture. This dining table features geometric patterns in the panels and is rectangular in shape. The table can sit 6 people and is great for hosting friends and family over for dinner or lunch. This table can serve as a great buffet table as well. The height, width and diameter of the table are 79cm, 180cm and 100 cm respectively.

If you are looking for a round mirrored dining table , then our Preston Mirrored Round Dining Table is just the perfect choice for your home. This elegant piece of furniture has a clear glass top with a mirrored rectangular block base. Perfect for a family of 4, this charming dining table is just what you need to bring alive your dining space. You can team up any chairs of your choice to complement the look of the table. The height and width of the table is 77 and 145 cm respectively.

When it comes to mirrored furniture, Choice Furniture guarantees the best quality furniture to suit your urban homes.

Materials used

Materials used for making our mirrored dining table and chairs are high grade mirrors and reflective clear glass. For the base, we use engineered and real wood.

Styling tips

There are umpteen ways in which you can style your mirrored dining table. If you want to keep the style simple yet classy, go for tall vases with fresh flowers or tall candle holders.

For a more dramatic impact, place a vibrant runner across the table and you can place your dinner plates and glasses accordingly, especially if hosting a gathering. You can also get matching chairs to compliment your dining table. If throwing a party, you can remove the chairs and turn your table into a self-service buffet table.

For those of you who love a bit of art in everything, you can hang in art pieces on the walls adjacent to the dining table. If you want to take it up a notch higher, then you can also hang a crystal chandelier above the table for a rich look.

You can also create a vignette for your dining table to place all considements and sauces by creating a dedicated tray for them.

Handling instructions

Mirror, no doubt, is a fragile material and requires proper care and maintenance. Keeping in mind the following points will help you take care of your furniture better.

  • Avoid placing the dining table under direct sunlight. Best place is to keep it indoors and where direct sunlight doesn’t fall on the surface.
  • Don’t keep any heavy object on top fo the table.
  • Avoid dragging objects across the table to prevent scratches.
  • Use table mats, runners or coaster at all times when you are having meals.
  • In case of spillage, immediately wipe off the surface with a clean damp cloth.
  • Always use a cleaner that is meant for mirrored surfaces.
  • Use a microfiber cotton cloth to clean the mirrored dining table. Choose a cloth that doesn’t shed any lint.
  • Don’t overcrowd the table and leave ample space around the table to prevent accidental mishaps.